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List of Courses

AMST 1003-American Identity

ART 1003-Understanding Visual Art

ART 1214-Beginning Studio Drawing:

ART 2164-Design and Color

ART 2314-Beginning Studio: Painting

ART 2414-Beginning Studio:  Ceramics

ART 2623-Computer Graphics I

ART 2733-Art History I

ART 2743-Art History II

ART 3234-Advanced Studio:  Drawing

ART 3334-Advanced Studio:  Painting

ART 3434-Advanced Studio:  Ceramics

ART 3524-Advanced Studio:  Sculpture

ART 3633-Computer Graphics II

ART 3753-Modern Art

ART 3904-Art Majors Seminar I

BIOL 1103-Principles of Biology

BIOL 1204-Introduction to Cellular Biology

BIOL 1214-Introduction to Organismal Biology

BIOL 3204-Genetics

BUSI 4793-Business Policy

CHEM 1104-Principles of Chemistry

CHEM 1214-General Chemistry I with Lab

CHEM 1224-General Chemistry II with Lab

COMM 2103-Public Speaking

COMM 2503-Interpersonal Communication

COMM 3603-Intercultural Communication

COMM 3703-Communication & Aging

COMM 4723-Persuasion

COMM 4993-Communication Capstone

CRJS 3623-Research Methods in Criminal Justice

ECON 2023-Survey of Economic Issues

ECON 2033-Microeconomics

ECON 2043-Macroeconomics

EDUC 3123 - Principles of Lifelong Learning

EDUC 3223-Teaching Reading and Language Arts P-5

EDUC 3403 - Fundamentals of Secondary Education

EDUC 3413 - Fundamentals of Elementary and Middle Grades Education

EDUC 3523-Reading and Writing in the Content Areas 5-9, 8-12, P-12

EDUC 4253-Methods and Materials P-5 Social Studies

EDUC 4333-Curriculum & Methodology in the Middle Schools

EDUC 4433-Curriculum & Methodology in the Secondary Schools

EDUC 4600-Supervised Student Teaching

ENGL 1013-Writing Studies I

ENGL 1023-Writing Studies II

ENGL 2103-Literary Interpretations

ENGL 2203-World Literature

ENGL 3163-Women Writers

ENGL 3363-Modern Critical Theory

ENGL 3443-Global Literature

ENGL 3643-Greek Myth & Literature

ENGL 3733-Writing and Culture

ENGL 4063-Ethnic Literature

ENGL 4503-Advanced Writing

ENGL 4553-Critical Issues in Literature and Writing

ENGL 4903-English Majors Seminar

FREN 1013-Elementary French

FREN 1023-Intermediate French

FYE 1001- First Year Experience

HIST 1033-U.S. History:  1492-1865

HIST 1043-U.S. History:  1865-Present

HIST 2233-World Civilization I

HIST 2243-World Civilization II

HIST 3033-Colonial America

HIST 3053-Age of Jackson

HIST 4903-History Majors Seminar

HS 2103-Introduction to Human Services

HS 3003-Human Services Foundations and Issues

HS 3233-Case Management and Referral

HS 4253-Ethics and Multicultural Diversity

HS 4293-Assessment in the Helping Professions

HS 4943-Human Services Practicum II

HS 4953-Human Services Practicum III

HUMN 2503-Culture & Values

HUMN 3503-Enduring Questions Seminar

JAPN 1013-Elementary Japanese i

MATH 1003-Data Models

MATH 1013-Funcitons & Algebra

MATH 1124-Precalculus

MATH 2315-Analytic Geometry & Calculus I

MATH 2325-Analytic Geometry & Calculus II

MATH 3003-Linear Algebra

MATH 3314-Calculuss III

MATH 3323-Differential Equations

MATH 4113-Abstract Algebra

MATH/PHYS 4303-Engineering Mathematics

MATH 4413-Foundations of Analysis

MUSI 2003-Survey of Musical Masterworks

MUSI 2103-Music in American Culture

MUSI-2533-History of Music Literature

NURS 4155-Community Health Nursing

NURS 4205-Leadership in Nursing

NUTR 1003-Fundamentals of Nutrition

PHED 4023-Methods and Materials of Physical Education

PHIL 1003-Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 3003-Ethics

PHSC 1204-Earth Science

POSC 1003-United States Government

POSC 2103-Survey of Modern & Contemporary Political Thought

PSYC 1003-Principles of Psychology

RELI 1003-Christian Beliefs

RELI 1013-Old Testament

RELI 1023-New Testament

RELI 2113 - Gospel, Church and Culture

RELI 3103 - Christian Ministries

RELI 3133-Youth Ministry

RELI 3413-Christian Apologetics

RELI 3153-Age Level Ministry

RTSM 2013-Introduction to Recreation, Tourism & Sport Management

RTSM 3303-Recreation Programming

RTSM 4303-Professional Event Management

SCI 1013-Topics in Science

SEA 1103-Global Energy Issues

SEA 1203 - Solutions in Sustainability

SPAN 1013-Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 1023-Elemenatry Spanish II

THEA 1313-Introduciton to Theatre Arts

THEA 1323-Fundamentals of Acting

WS 1003 - Introduction to Women's Studies

WS 2103-Women in Global Perspective

WS 3103-Gender and Politics

WS 3123-Gender and Popular Culture

WS 3203-Feminist Theory and Practice

WS 4003-Women and Violence


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