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Placement in Courses

ACT, SAT, Compass, or Accuplacer Testing and Placement

Students are strongly  urged to take the American College Test (ACT), the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), or Compass Test.  Students who do not provide ACT, SAT, or Compass scores are required to take the Accuplacer test, which is administered in the Academic Success Center by the Director of First-Year Experience Advising; for the Scottsville campus, the Accuplacer test is administered by the Scottsville Enrollment Manager.  Based upon these scores, students will be placed into the appropriate level in the reading, writing, and mathematics sequences.


Placement in Developmental and Skill-Building Courses

Adequate skills in reading, writing, and mathematics are necessary for success in all college-level courses. Developmental and skill-building courses in reading, writing, and mathematics are designed to provide students with the skills and resources needed to succeed in college.  Based on ACT or other test scores, students are placed in the appropriate level course(s) in reading, writing and mathematics during their first year at Lindsey Wilson College.  (Courses numbered 0900 or below are considered developmental courses; 1000-level courses are considered skill-building courses.)  Successful completion of each course is required before a student can advance to the next level course in the sequence.  Students must complete all levels in the sequence, beginning with the class into which they are placed and ending with the last course in the sequence.  Students are required to register for a sequenced course each semester until all courses in the sequence have been completed successfully.

Note:   Students are not allowed to withdraw from some of the developmental and/or skill-building courses unless the requirements for a placement appeal have been met. (See the Placement Appeals Process.)

English as a Second Language (ESL) Sequence

  1. ENGL 0803 -- ESL: Listening & Speaking
  2. ENGL 0804 -- ESL: Reading & Writing
  3. ENGL 0854 -- ESL: College-Level Skills  

Writing Studies Sequence

  1. ENGL 0903 -- Introduction to Writing Studies* -- or -- ENGL 0904 - Introduction  to Writing Studies with Lab
  2. ENGL 1013 -- Writing Studies I
  3. ENGL 1023 -- Writing Studies II

*ENGL 0903 sections identified as ESL are recommended for international students. 

Reading Sequence

  1. READ 0903 -- Reading Fundamentals
  2. READ 1013 -- College Reading I
  3. READ 1023 -- College Reading II

Note:  A minimum of a C is required prior to enrolling in the next course in the Reading Sequence.  Grading: A through C or NC. 

Integrated Reading & Writing Sequence*

  1. READ 0713 -- Integrated Reading & Writing: Writing
  2. READ 0723 -- Integrated Reading & Writing: Reading I
  3. READ 0733 -- Integrated Reading & Writing: Reading II

*This sequence is offered to students enrolled in the Project Success program.

Mathematics Sequence

  1. MATH 0903 -- Basic Mathematics -- or -- MATH 0901, MATH 0911, MATH 0921 -- Percents & Proportions, Variables & Equations, and Charts, respectively
  2. MATH 1003 -- Topics in Mathematics
  3. MATH 1013 -- Functions & Algebra
  4. MATH 1124 -- Precalculus


Placement Appeals Process

In order to maximize their academic success, students must remain in the developmental or skill-building courses into which they have been placed unless they complete one of the following appeals-process options:

  • Students who have provided test scores that place them into developmental or skill-building courses are urged to retake the ACT, SAT, or Compass and submit new scores.
  • Students may choose to take any or all parts of the placement challenge test (includes English, mathematics, and reading).  Testing is offered prior to the beginning of each semester by the Director of First-Year Experience.  Testing dates are announced during the new student orientation (EDGE Days).
  • Students who have provided test scores that place them into developmental or skill-building courses may appeal their placement by taking the Accuplacer test.  To exercise this option, the student must contact the Director of First-Year Experience prior to the beginning of the semester.  Students who wish to appeal their placement after the beginning of the semester (beginning with the first day of classes) must refer items number 1-4 below.
  • Students who wish to appeal their placement based upon ACT, SAT, Compass, or Accuplacer scores may do so through a written request to the instructor of the course following the procedure outlined below.  This process must be completed by the last day to add a class. 
    1. The student must attend the first class meeting and must make the appeal request in writing, to the instructor, as soon as possible.
    2. The instructor of the course, in consultation with the applicable academic program coordinator, may choose to administer an assessment instrument (other than the Accuplacer) to determine whether the student can demonstrate competency in the skills taught in that particular course.
    3. If the instructor of the course is satisfied that the student has demonstrated competency in those skills, the instructor will complete an Add/Drop form, which will indicate the student may drop the course.  The instructor will then add the next course in the sequence to the student's schedule.  The student will need to obtain his or her advisor's signature on the Add/Drop form before submitting it to the Registrar's office.
    4. If the student tests out of the last class in any sequence, the student will need to consult with his or her advisor to choose another course.








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