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Other Scholarships

Alumni Legacy Scholarship: First-time, full-time freshmen whose parent(s) or grandparent(s) graduated from Lindsey Wilson College are eligible for an Alumni Legacy Scholarship. Students must meet all financial aid guidelines and provide the relative's full name (as printed on his or her LWC diploma), address, Social Security number, date of birth, and year of graduation from Lindsey Wilson.

Athletic Grants-in-Aid: Awarded by the College upon the recommendation of the Athletic Department, these grants are based on athletic ability and need.

International Student Scholarship: This is an established scholarship for international students determined from information given on the I-20 form.

Leadership Scholarship: This is a competitive, need-based scholarship for outstanding young people who have demonstrated leadership potential. Requirements are: must have held a leadership position, had a minimum ACT composite score of 15, a minimum 2.50 high school grade point average, been accepted for admission to Lindsey Wilson, have completed financial aid paperwork by the Leadership Scholarship deadline, submitted two letters of recommendation, and written an essay on their leadership qualities.

Lindsey Wilson United Methodist Scholarship: This is a need-based scholarship requiring the student be an active member of The United Methodist Church. Applicants must present a written recommendation from their minister that verifies church membership.

National United Methodist Scholarships: These need-based scholarships are awarded to qualifying United Methodist students. This scholarship is funded by The United Methodist Student Day Offering taken annually throughout the Church.

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund for Students of Color: This scholarship is for students of color and is awarded on an annual basis to an entering or currently enrolled student who has demonstrated a record of academic achievement and commitment to personal service in their community. It is a one-year award and is subject to possible renewal upon application.

Criteria for the Hearst Scholarship include:

  • A high school grade point average of 3.30 or above on a 4.00 scale;
  • A record of community service as demonstrated by involvement in school, civic, church, or other projects that reflect a helping orientation;
  • Extracurricular activity; and
  • Acceptance into the Lindsey Wilson College Education Program, which entails meeting the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board requirement of a minimum ACT score of 21 (or 990 on SAT) or passing the PRAXIS I entrance exam.

Application Procedure for Hearst Scholarship:

  • Completion of a William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship application (available in the Education Division or the Admissions Office); and
  • Submission of a short (approximately two pages) biography addressing professional aspiration, community service, extracurricular involvement, and financial need.


Lindsey Wilson College administers several other types of scholarships and institutional loan programs. Information can be obtained by contacting the Office of Student Financial Services.


Dr. Oris Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Allen
Vista & Sandidge Allison
Norman, Dora & Joey Antle
Athletic (Hundley)
William Cashman Ayer
Peggy E. Baker
Begley Scholars
Charles D. & Jeanette Bennett
R. V. Bennett
Tyler & Mary Lula Bow
Boyd Lubker
William R. and Mary Deane Brantley
Myrl & Marcella Brashear
L. Foster & Ruth Brewer
Junius E. Bryant
B.J. and Mary Burnett
Elsie C. Butcher
Edith Carroll
Rev. Lester B. & Mabel Spears Carter
Dr. Thomas D. Clark
Jo Ann Vanada & Rev. J. Smiley Collins
J.W. and Frances Compton
Claude Lee & Dollie Beatrice Cooley
Bertha Hamilton Coomer
Rev. John L. Coomer
Clarine Elizabeth Cooper
William Patterson Crenshaw
Hershel Denney
Rev. Ernest S. & Mary B. Denton
John C. Dorsey
Unessis Dewitt (Dee) & Cora Vaughn Dowell
Floyd & Magdalene Dudgeon
Dr. Frank L. & Elizabeth F. Duncan
Mose Dunning
W. Norris Duvall
Linda Levally Early
Elihu and Cordelia Eastridge
Tom & Rowena Everett
Mary Louise Ott-Fanelli
Guy M. & Lena C. Fenley
Helen Gilpin Flatt
The Reverend Chandler E. Ford Family
Evelyn Rogers Gamble
Reverend S. Ray & Lorene Gilliam
Ronald D. & Lily Glosser
Robert R. Goodin and Family
Fred Gribbins Ministerial
Drs. Charles S. and Vera Guthrie
W. Paul & Lillian McAllister Hale
Wood and Marie Hannah
William Randolph Hearst
John L. & D.D. Hendrickson
Stanley and Lue Ella Hickerson
Coach Doug Hines
Jo S. Hoefelman
Doris Zenger Holloway
Sam and Allene Holmes
Lake Cumberland Home Health Serv./Holt
John B. Horton Memorial
Mattie Hyams
Dr. Ernest & Betty Brown Johnson
Bob and Fran Keefe Athletic
The Keefe Family Non-Traditional
Ella & Raymond A. Kessel
Dr. Adam Komosa
Jeremy Lord
Mary Lucy Lowe
William T. Luckey, Jr.
Cecil Major Athletic
Rev. R.V. & Anna Belle Matthews
R.W. & Frances R. McCandless
Dr. L. Rodford McDonald
McKenzie and Adams
Millennium (Class of 50)
Bernice Miller
L. A. & Grace Miller
Orville and Mamie Miller
Delorah Jewell Moore Endowed English
Doug & Betty Jean Moseley
Louise Page Newberry
Chloe M. Niehaus
Samuel Orr
Williard Mae Yarberry Overstreet
Kennard and Melva Peden
Gertrude & Donald Perry
William and Nadie Pettus
John and Jeanette Pierce
Curtis J. & Beatrice H. Powell
Lenn R. Pruitt
Keith & Mary Radford
Aleen Ensor Ralph
Ramseyer-Lindsey Wilson College
John C. & Nora L. Redman
Lowell Reeg
Walter S. Reuling
Lee & Gertrude Reynolds
Edward & Beulah Richards
Doug and Alberta Richardson
Henry C. & Elsie B. Rogers
O. G. Rowe
Reverend Alice Bondurant Scott
Kathryn Reese Sengel
Asa, Allie & David Shelton
Dr. William W. Slider
Harold J. & Helen H. Smith
W. K. Snyder
Billy C. & Faye C. Spencer
L. D. & Marie Squires
The M. Keith Stearns
Dr. Julius & Hazel B. Stephenson
Mary Louise Stoltz
Terry W. & Cinda L. Swan
Adair County Teachers
Dr. Cyrintha Terry
Brashear/Thurman Library
Keith & Katherine Venable
William "Bill" Walker
Mary Evelyn Walker and Louise Brock
A.P. White
Rose Willis
Dr. Ralph D. & Nellie Winchester
Noma Dix Winston
Reverend L.E. & Rose Woodcock
Lewis & Mary Woodward
W. Ruel & Runa Wooten
Collins, Russell, Wortham
Leo and Betty Young
Joseph W. & Margaret Zinn

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