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Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

MA - Christian Leadership - RELI

5013 - Bible Survey - 3 credit hours
A survey of the Bible with theological implications for Christian thought. Course Rotation: Arranged course.

5023 - Practical Ministry - 3 credit hours
An introductory study of the mission of the church and its various ministries in evangelism, social outreach, education, age level ministries and spiritual formation. Course Rotation: Arranged course.

5103 - Foundations of Servant Leadership - 3 credit hours
Introduction to the concepts of Christian leadership including the principles and practices that exemplify servant leadership in the church and the world.  Course Rotation: Summer

5203 - Transformational Ministry - 3 credit hours
An in-depth examination of the church's service through educational ministry and leadership development, primarily in the areas of evangelism, discipleship and social justice. Prerequisite: RELI 5103.  Course Rotation: Fall

5303 - Leading Groups and Organizations - 3  credit hours
Integrated study of psychology, strategic management and equipping strategies to assist students in understanding organizational and group dynamics as it applies to all organizations, including the church. Prerequisite: RELI 5103.  Course Rotation: Fall

5403 - Effective Church Leadership - 3 hours
Focus on various areas of church leadership responsibilities focusing on administration, vision, church growth, proclamation and worship.   Prerequisite: RELI 5103.  Course Rotation: Spring

5503 - Conflict, Crisis and Change - 3 credit hours
Introduction to the theories of both personal and organizational crisis/conflict with an emphasis on ecclesiology  and how adversity brings about change. Prerequisite: RELI 5103. Course Rotation: Spring

5603 - Christian Doctrine - 3 credit hours
A theological study based on the Christian tradition incorporating the primary doctrines of Christianity with a special application in ministry.  Prerequisite: None  Course Rotation: Fall

5703 - Church History - 3 credit hours
A survey of Christian history from Pentecost to the present with emphasis on formation of orthodoxy  and its interrelation and impact on surrounding society. Prerequisite: None   Course Rotation: Spring

5803 - Small Church Ministry - 3 hours
The study of the dynamics of the small church particularly as it relates to missional effectiveness in its community setting.

5813 - Pastoral Counseling- 3 hours
Study of the human life cycle with application to the church's role of nurturing, sustaining, healing, guiding, and reconciling.  Includes primary theories of counseling with attention to informal and formal structures within the church for personal and spiritual growth.

5823 - Church-Related Higher Education and Leadership - 3 hours
A Study of the contemporary university and the relationship of religion to its function as well as significant aspects implicit in formulating a church-related philosophy of higher education.  A special focus will be on administrative leadership.

5833 - Readings in Leadership - 3 hours
Guided, independent research in Christian Leadership.  Course Rotation:  By Individual Contract

5843 - Internship - 3 hours
Utilization of field experience to test theory and develop skills in the practice of ministry.  Goals and objectives as well as procedures and strategies for leadership in churches, agencies, and communities are the focus for reflective learning.

5853 - Missional Leadership - 3 hours
Investigation of cultural dynamics in various emerging and functioning leadership contexts in both North America and other cultural settings.  A contemporary theology of missions wil be explored.

5993  Special Topics in Religion - 3 hours
Special selected topics in the field of practical theology.

5901  Church Growth Strategies - 1 hour
Foundational principles and practices of church growth.

5911  Ethical Leadership - 1 hour
Explores ethical church leadership for the 21st century and assists students to better analyze and respond to moral problems in culture.

5931 Youth Ministries Seminar - 1 hour
Contemporary issues in youth ministry, resources and program planning.

5951  Campus Ministry - 1 hour
Introduction to the philosophy and practices of successful campus ministry.

5961   Discipleship and the Family - 1 hour
A seminar on the church's ministry to the family.

5991   Seminar in Ministry Leadership - 1 hour
Special seminars in various areas of ministry leadership.



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