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Recreation,Tourism and Sports Management

Recreation, Tourism and Sport Management - RTSM

2003 - Leisure in American Society - 3 credit hours
Issues relative to choices an individual and society make when utilizing "free" time and resources. We will discuss the multi-billion dollar leisure industry and its effect on our personal lives and wellness. Note: Does not count toward RTSM degree requirements.

2013 - Introduction to Recreation and Leisure - 3 credit hours
Introduction to the professional fields in recreation and leisure by presenting the basic principles, fundamentals and concepts as related to such factors as history and objectives, sociological and economic aspects, as well as motivation and barriers to participation. Co-requisite: RTSM 2053.

2053 - RTSM Technology and Professional Communication - 3 credit hours
Introduction to communication tools necessary for RTSM professionals such as email, power point, word, excel, etc. Focus on effective written and oral communication as well as presentations. Co-requisite:  RTSM 2013.

2103 - Leadership and Diversity in Recreation - 3 credit hours
Leadership, group dynamics, human resources planning and organizing, employee recruitment, selection and supervision. Knowledge, attitude awareness and resources needed to work with diverse populations. Prerequisite: RTSM 2013, RTSM 2053.

2303 - Sports Officiating - 3 credit hours
Analysis of rules and officiating techniques. The course also includes philosophy; minimum standards; school relationships; and basics of crowd control in high school and college settings. Field Experiences will be required.

2403 - Introduction to Tourism - 3 credit hours
Survey of travel and tourism in the United States with focus on terminology, demographics, financial significance, and trends.

2503 - Camp and Camp Counseling - 3 credit hours
Emphasis on the camp counselor, including discussion of techniques and skills appropriate in various camp settings. Day-to-day management of residential, trip/travel, and special emphasis camps examined. Some off-campus experience.  Prerequisite: RTSM 2013, RTSM 2053.

2603 - Introduction to Sport Management - 3 credit hours
Development of a conceptual understanding of sport management, career opportunities in sport management, and the necessary competencies for the different career fields.

3103 - Recreation and Sport Facility Management and Design - 3 credit hours
Management and design principles applied to park, recreation, sport areas and facilities. Emphasis on operational efficiency, quality service, fiscal responsibility and maintenance management and planning.  Additional emphasis on physical accessibility of facilities. Prerequisite: RTSM 2013, RTSM 2053.

3203 - Campus Recreation and Sport Administration - 3 credit hours
Provides specific and comprehensive information regarding campus recreation and sports administration programs as well as an understanding of how sport enhances quality of life and its place and value in and society. Prerequisite: RTSM 2013, RTSM 2053.

3303 - Recreation Programming - 3 credit hours
Theoretical and applied approaches to the recreation program planning process. Basic elements of programming using a variety of recreational settings and diversity of practical experience.  Prerequisite: RTSM 2013, RTSM 2053.

3403 - Convention Services & Conference Management - 3 credit hours
An examination of the programmatic issues of providing visitor services for conventions, meetings, and special events. Each semester a conference will be selected to attend. Attendance is mandatory. Prerequisite: Admission to the RTSM program and permission of instructor.

3503 - Outdoor Recreation Management - 3 credit hours
Concepts and methods of outdoor recreation planning and management explored with emphasis on the public sector. Current issues relative to recreation provision identified and debated. Prerequisite: RTSM 2013, RTSM 2053.

3603 - Sport Law - 3 credit hours
Examination of legislation and specific case law as related to professional and amateur athletes, sport events, licensed merchandise, broadcast and sponsorship rights. Topics include labor and anti-trust law; contract negotiation, specifications, and interpretation. Also listed as PHED 3603. Prerequisite: RTSM 2603.

3703 - Event Management Practicum - 3 credit hours
Supervised practicum for students to gain experience in event planning on campus and in the local community. Prerequisite: RTSM 3303.

3903 - Pre-capstone Seminar - 3 credit hour
Review of philosophy and professional ethics of parks, recreation and tourism management. Self assessment of student's strengths, limitations, and career aspirations. Preparation of reference files, letters, and resumes. Identification of, application to, and acceptance by department-approved agencies for completion of capstone experience. Prerequisite: Last fall semester prior to Capstone Experience or permission of the instructor.

4103 - Senior RTSM Seminar - 3 credit hours
Integration of knowledge, theory and methods from coursework and experience; development and presentation of comprehensive operational and management problems and plans. Designed to encourage students to function as professionals and to relate areas of specialty to the broader Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management profession. Prerequisite: Last fall semester prior to Capstone Experience or permission of the instructor.

4303 - Festivals and Special Event Planning - 3 credit hours
Students acquire an in-dept knowledge about the field of special event management. Planning techniques, strategies, and requirements for planning, implementing, and evaluating community events are included. Emphasizes ordinances, planning, funding, and marketing.  Prerequisite: RTSM 3303.

4503 - Adventure Based Recreation - 3 credit hours
This course is designed to acquaint students with basic adventure based outdoor activities and related environmental practices. A variety of outdoor activities, including and overnight camping trip, are conducted in the classroom and surrounding areas. Course fee will apply.  Prerequisite: 3503.

4603 - Athletic Administration - 3 credit hours
Provides an overview of the area of athletics administration for scholastic and collegiate settings. This course would cover many areas from staffing and recruiting to fund raising. Also listed as PHED 4603. Prerequisite: RTSM 2603, RTSM 3603.

4800 - Special Topics Course - 1-6 credit hours
Presentation and discussion of relevant issues in Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Management. Prerequisite: Admission to the RTSM program and permission of instructor.

4903 - RTSM Capstone Experience - 3 credit hours
Provides prospective RTSM professionals a 400-hour (ten-week) learning experience in a selected agency or organization, under the joint supervision of a qualified manager and a university capstone experience supervisor. Prerequisite: All other degree requirements must be completed.

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