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Advising Services

Freshman Advisors

Lindsey Wilson provides a staff of full-time Freshman Advisors and Project Success staff, who along with faculty, work with freshmen during their first year in college. The Freshman Advisors are located in T.D and Rowena Everett Center. Project Success staff are located in the Project Success Center. Freshmen are assigned to a Freshman Advisor, a Project Success Advisor, or to a faculty advisor. Freshman Advisors and Project Success Advisors teach many of the Freshman Seminar classes, monitor class attendance and academic performance, coordinate study halls, evaluate testing results, conduct periodic surveys of student needs, participate in campus social activities with freshmen, assist students with course selection and registration, and meet regularly with their advisees. 

Project Success Advisors

Students who are a part of the Project Success Program are advised by the Project Success faculty and staff. These advisors typically work with Project Success students beginning in their first year on campus and will continue to work with them until they have officially declared an academic major. At that time, Project Success students are assigned to a faculty advisor. In addition to serving as their advisor, Project Success staff also teach Freshmen Seminar, monitor class attendance and academic performance, coordinate group study time, participate in campus and program social activities, and participate in and provide off-campus enrichment and engagement opportunities for Project Success students. Project Success advisors meet regularly with their advisees and serve as academic role models. The Project Success advisors are located in the Project Success Center.

Faculty Advisors

Many freshmen and all other students are regularly advised by full-time faculty members. The primary responsibility of the advisor is to provide assistance and support that will help students become successful college graduates. Advising includes helping students set educational and career goals, assisting students in understanding the culture and expectations of the College, providing support in planning a program consistent with a student's interests and abilities, monitoring academic progress, and integrating the resources of the institution to help an advisee succeed. Advisors seek to serve as role models for students while developing reciprocal professional relationships with them. 

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