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Writing in the Disciplines Initiative
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Writing in the Disciplines Initiative

This Initiative has three major parts: 

  • Writing Intensive Faculty Training Program:
    • Writing Intensive Seminar: Faculty spend 8 hours learning about WAC.  They specifically get instruction in: writing to learn, writing to communicate, creating solid WAC assignments, and effective ways of giving students feedback on assignments.  This seminar is led by an expert in the field of WAC, Ellen Millsaps.  Ellen was part of some of the first WAC summer programs with Toby Fulwiler in the 1980s. While bringing an amazing amount of historical knowledge to the seminar, she continues to stay current on the latest issues in WAC and is a SACS evaluator for WAC QEPs.  She can be reached at:
    • Regular Meetings with the Lindsey Writes Director:  While these meetings have varied from the beginning of our program in spring of 2013, our purpose has remained constant.  The purpose of these meetings is to support faculty with concerns about their WI courses or other concerns with writing throughout their courses.  Initially, we have had monthly meetings with WI faculty, but we have now streamlined the program into three individual meetings with the WAC director over the course of the semester.
  • Writing Intensive Courses
    • Description:  These courses must be taught by faculty who have received the WI training described above.  The requirements for the course are: that they have 3500 words of prose, there is at least one option for revision in the course, that the faculty member uses writing to learn activities in the course, and that the assignments include ones that are related to the genre conventions of the discipline.  While nearly every course has a much larger word count and several revisions, these requirements set as a basis, in order to include wider variety programs, such as mathematics.
    • Goals: There are currently 52 WI courses offered at the college. Our goal is to have 4 WI courses taught in each of the 20 undergraduate degree programs at the college.  While this has been accomplished in most degree programs, those programs that are new to the college or those that have only recently joined the Lindsey Writes program are continuing to grow.  The goal is that each student who graduates from the college will take 4 writing intensive courses.
  • Writing Fellows Program
    • Description: Our writing fellows are high achieving undergraduate students from every discipline participating in the program, who like to write and are proficient at the skill.  Besides being good student writers, we prefer to select students who are willing to interact with their peers as peers, not know-it-alls, who would take too much control over students' papers.  The peer-to-peer interaction is one of the most valuable parts of our program.  Our best writing fellows are those who are skilled, but humble.
      Fellows assist in a course in their field of study for at least one semester.  They do between 25-35 hours of work a semester.  For this fellowship they are given $300 a semester.  If they do a good job and have the time, many of these fellows continue to work in one course or another in their discipline for multiple semesters.
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