Engineering Mechanics

AA - Program Requirements

Michael Ratliff, PhD, Chair, Division of Science

Fugitte Science Center, Room 212


Mark L. McKinnon, PhD, Program Coordinator
Fugitte Science Center, Room 323

Full-time program faculty:  Tim Curry, MS; D. Scott Dillery, PhD; Kalvin J. Gregory, PhD; Brian Hilker, PhD; Andrew Johnson, PhD; John D. LaGrange, PhD; Mark L. McKinnon, PhD

Mission Statement

The mission of the Engineering Mechanics program is to prepare students to have the analytical skills and knowledge to succeed in an engineering discipline.

The Associate of Arts degree in Engineering Mechanics provides the curriculum necessary to become prepared to succeed in an engineering discipline. This two-year program is designed to provide the foundational material in both lecture and laboratory settings for the first two years of the undergraduate curriculum in engineering. The student will then complete the bachelor’s degree in engineering by transferring to a school of engineering for the remaining undergraduate work.

This program is designed in conjunction with the University of Kentucky’s College of Engineering, but students who complete this curriculum are also prepared to enter many other engineering schools.  A student interested in engineering or actively pursuing this program should consult often with the program coordinator.  In addition, students intending to continue study in engineering should consult the engineering entrance requirements for the institution in question in order to ensure that admission issues are properly addressed.

Graduation Requirements

Some courses taken for the major may simultaneously fulfill general education requirements.  Please see the Graduation Requirements (associate’s degrees) section of this catalog for information on the general education program.

Program Requirements:  52-55 hours

Along with the general education program, students must complete the major’s core and related studies requirements.

A.         Prerequisites:  9-12 hours

  • College Algebra (MATH 1013) is a prerequisite for CHEM 1214 unless waiver requirements are met – 3 hours
  • Precalculus (MATH 1124) is a prerequisite for MATH 2315 and PHYS/MATH/CIS 2713 – 4 hours
  • Analytic Geometry & Calculus I (MATH 2315) is a prerequisite for PHYS 2414 – 5 hours

B.         Core Requirements:  18 hours

  • General Physics I (PHYS 2414) – 4 hours
  • General Physics II (PHYS 2424) – 4 hours
  • Introduction to Computational Science (PHYS/MATH/CIS 2713) – 3 hours
  • Statics (PHYS 3103) – 3 hours
  • Thermodynamics (PHYS 3614) – 4 hours  

C.         Related Studies Requirements:  25 hours

  • General Chemistry I with Lab (CHEM 1214) – 4 hours
  • General Chemistry II with Lab (CHEM 1224) – 4 hours
  • Analytic Geometry & Calculus I (MATH 2315) – 5 hours
  • Analytic Geometry & Calculus II (MATH 2325) – 5 hours
  • Calculus III (MATH 3314) – 4 hours
  • Differential Equations (MATH 3323) – 3 hours

Exit Assessment

Program assessments are integrated into the course examinations during the final courses of the program (MATH 3323, PHYS 3103, PHYS 3614).