BSN Program Mission, Vision, Goals

Nursing Division Mission

The mission of the Nursing Division is to provide quality undergraduate nursing education that prepares students for baccalaureate-generalist professional nursing practice.

Nursing Division Vision

With the intentional and cooperative efforts of the entire College community, and through excellence in teaching, scholarship, practice and service, the Lindsey Wilson College Nursing Division aspires to:

  • Be the regional leader in providing an exceptional nursing education.
  • Create the best possible environment for the individual growth of students.
  • Graduate students that are prepared for life and professional nursing practice in a complex rapidly changing world and health care environment.
  • Advance health at the local, regional and global arena through scientific evidence and sound professional practice.

LWC Nursing Division Program Goals

  • 90% of graduating BSN students will complete the program within a three year period.
  • 90% of students will indicate satisfaction with the LWC nursing program.
  • 90% of the graduating students will achieve a passing score on the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN) during the first test.
  • 90% of graduates desiring employment as a registered nurse will be employed within one year of graduation.
  • 90% of alumni will demonstrate satisfaction with their undergraduate baccalaureate education.
  • 90% of the surveys returned by employers will indicate satisfaction with the performance of the LWC BSN program graduates.