Political Science

BA - Program Requirements

Greg A. Phelps, PhD, Chair, Division of Social Science & Interdisciplinary Studies

J. L. Turner Leadership Center, Room 207

270-384-8234     phelpsg@lindsey.edu 

Stefan Brooks, PhD, Program Coordinator
J.L. Turner Leadership Center, Room 108A

Full-time program faculty:  Stefan Brooks, PhD; Kara Mollis, PhD; Trudy Morlino, PhD; Mohammed Pourheydarian, PhD  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Political Science program is to develop students’ understanding of politics, or the study of government.  The foundation of the program focuses on American politics, American political thought, modern European political thought, and American law.  Students can then choose from a series of electives to complete the program.  Critical thinking, written and oral communication skills, and research skills are cultivated and emphasized in the program.  

Graduation Requirements

Some courses taken for the major will simultaneously fulfill general education requirements.  Please see the Graduation Requirements (bachelor’s degrees) section of this catalog for information on the general education program.

Students should note that the major provides fewer than the required 39 hours of 3000-4000 level coursework, therefore students will need to complete additional 3000-4000 level coursework to meet this requirement.

Program Requirements:  42-48 hours  

Along with the general education program, students must complete the major’s prerequisites, core and international perspectives requirements and must select program electives as indicated.

A.        Prerequisites:  0-6 hours

  • Completion of the general education mathematics requirement is a prerequisite for ECON 2023 unless waiver requirements are met – 3 hours
  • College Algebra (MATH 1013) is a prerequisite for ECON 2043 unless waiver requirements are met – 3 hours
  • Introduction to Women’s Studies (WS 1003) or Women in Global Perspective (WS 1013) is the prerequisite for elective choice WS 2213 – 3 hours

B.         Core Requirements:  30 hours

  • United States Government (POSC 1003) is a prerequisite for all other POSC courses – 3 hours
  • Modern & Contemporary Political Thought (POSC 2103) – 3 hours
  • United States Congress (POSC 2203) – 3 hours
  • Comparative Politics (POSC 2303) – 3 hours
  • Public Policy (POSC 3213) – 3 hours  
  • American Political Thought (POSC 4103) – 3 hours
  • The American Presidency (POSC 4203) – 3 hours
  • Capstone in Political Science (POSC 4903) – 3 hours
  • U.S. Constitutional Law (CRJS 3213) – 3 hours
  • Survey of Economic Issues (ECON 2023)  or  Macroeconomics (ECON 2043) – 3 hours

C.        International Perspectives Requirement (select from the following):  6 hours 

  • International Relations (POSC 2213) – 3 hours
  • U.S. Foreign Policy (POSC 2403) – 3 hours
  • Politics of the Middle East (POSC 3503) – 3 hours
  • Special Topics in International Issues in Political Science (POSC 3TX3) – 3 hours

D.        Program Electives (select from the following):  6 hours

  • Criminal Law (CRJS 3703) – 3 hours
  • Classical Political Thought (POSC 3203) – 3 hours
  • Special Topics in Political Science & Politics (POSC 4TX3) – 3 hours
  • Professional Internship in Political Science (POSC PN00) – 3-12 hours
  • Gender & Politics (WS 2213) – 3 hours

Exit Assessment

Students applying for graduation with a bachelor’s degree in political science are required to take Capstone in Political Science (POSC 4903).  As part of the course, students will complete a seminar paper which will be assessed according to the program SLOs for critical thinking, information literacy, and integrative learning.