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September 27, 2013

Alumni Council Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2013


Allysa Gooden
Bonnie Greenawalt
Erin Wais-Hennen
Anne Streeter
Charles Barnes
Carrie Farris
Gary Franklin
Kenneth George
Kenneth Jessee
Randy Burns
Jasmine Hammond
Gary Lane

I. Welcome and opening praying

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting (July 13, 2013)

III. Informational items

a. Randy shared some changes to the Homecoming schedule, namely that the Golden Alumni Society would be gathering Saturday morning and that the Post-Homecoming Game Bash had been moved from Blue Raider Stadium to the Campus Quadrangle. 

b. The Blue Raider Travel Club enjoyed their trip to Alaska. They were the last travel group of the year able to make the trip before the weather turned. To date, the trip for 2014 has not been decided but possible options are England/Scotland, a Scandinavian River Cruise, or Germany/Switzerland. Tentatively, a bus tour to New York City is in the works for Spring/early summer of 2012. 

c. This year's Golden Alumni Society will meet May 10, 2014 in conjunction with Spring Commencement. Kenneth George has a goal of getting 64 people from the class of '64.

IV. Old business

a. There has been discussion about creating an Alumni Association Cookbook. Anthony Moore from LWC Information Systems and Randy have discussed an online form linked to the Alumni page on the LWC website. The creation of an Alumni Pinterest page for recipe sharing was discussed, as well as the possibility of creating an eBook that would be sold with all proceeds benefiting the Alumni Walkway Scholarship. Allysa Gooden volunteered to further communicate with Anthony Moore and develop a plan for proceeding with the Alumni Cookbook. 

V. New business

a. Guest administrators- Dr. Anne Streeter and Dr. Erin Wais-Hennen

i. "Lindsey Writes" is a program instituted as part of LW's QEP for the recent SACS reaccreditation. Beginning with this freshman class, before graduation all students will take a minimum of four core classes that are writing-intensive.  This program with help students to communicate effectively within their discipline. 

ii. The current contest is to create a new school song, or lyrics to the fight song, to be added to the three school songs already in use: the traditional Lindsey Wilson Junior College Anthem, the installation hymn written when Dr. Luckey was name president, and the LW Fight Song (no words). Carrie Farris and Ken Jessee volunteered to serve as judges and/or be a part of the contest in an effort to be sure the spirit of LW past and present is represented. 

b. Executive Committee

i. Dr. Lane opened the meeting by sharing that Secretary Sheena London needed to step down from her position due to other commitments. Dr. Lane recommended Allysa Gooden be appointed Secretary Pro Tem to serve the rest of Sheena's term. Carrie Farris made motion to appoint Allysa, which was seconded by Gary Franklin.

ii. This was Dr. Lane's final meeting as President. Carrie Farris will serve out the remaining year of Monica Johnson's term. Monica stepped down after moving to Florida. After Carrie's term is complete, Ken Jessee will serve as president. 

c. The next meeting of the council will be February 27, 2014. Members will gather for lunch in the dining center at noon with meeting to follow. 

VI. Ken Jessee made a motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Ken George. 


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