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RaiderMobile Phone

RaiderMobile is a mobile web application designed to make it easy and convenient for anyone to access information related to Lindsey Wilson College on the go. No longer will you be forced to scroll and zoom your mobile phone's web browser to navigate through a large site, it's now readily available at your fingertips! Even while out and about, it has never been easier to access the information you want. You can find out what's being served at the Cranmer Dining Center today, look up your grades, find out what events are coming up, or check your RaiderBucks balance, all in an environment that has been specifically designed for mobile devices. It features a streamlined navigation system so that no one piece of information is more than a few clicks of a button or taps of the screen away. It contains the least amount of images possible, leading to faster loading times and less bandwith usage. It also uses a design formatted to fit to the screen of your mobile device, eliminating the tedious work of constant scrolling and zooming.

To access RaiderMobile on your phone, simply direct your mobile browser to the following address:

Then you can bookmark the address for convenient access. Many phones even allow you to add the site to your home screen, making access to RaiderMobile only one press away!

Add RaiderMobile to your device's home screen
To start, direct your mobile browser to


  1. Click the Favorites (+) button at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select "Add to Home Screen"
  3. Type a name for the icon that will appear on your home screen or leave it at the default (RaiderMobile)
  4. Click the "Add" button


  1. Add the page to your web browser's bookmarks
  2. Open the browser "bookmarks" screen
  3. Long-press the RaiderMobile bookmark
  4. Select "Add to Home screen"


  1. Press the Menu key and select "Add to Home Screen"

The procedure for your phone may differ depending on what model you have. As long as your phone supports adding web pages to its home screen, you can add RaiderMobile to your home screen the same way you would any other web page.


  • Designed specifically for mobile devices: No pointless scrolling or zooming.
  • Limited amount of images: Faster loading times and lower bandwith usage.
  • Efficient navigation: Any information you need is no more than a few clicks away.
  • Smart login: Remembers you so you don't need to log in every time, but you can still log out when you want.
  • Customizable favorites: You control what appears on your home screen.
  • Powerful: Access useful information like your grades for any term or your schedule for any day of the week.
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