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August 20 - December 14
10306 ECON 2023 M01 3 Survey Of Economic Issues MWF 10:30am  11:20
  Enrollment: 36 Location: TURNER 208 Inst: Trudy Morlino
  A study of national and international economic issues such as market and command economic systems, agriculture subsidies, health care issues, green GDP and environmental pollution, social security, poverty, the state of national economy, unemployment, inflation, budget deficit and national debt, the financial market, economics of higher education, feminist economic issues, regional economic integration, protectionism versus free trade, world poverty, the developing country international debt, the role of international institutions such as WTO, IMF and the World Bank. Note: Students who have taken ECON 2043 or ECON 2033 may not take this course for credit. Prerequisite: Mathematics course meeting/exceeding general education requirements. GE CORE - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS - BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/SOCIAL SCIENCE
10324 ECON 2033 M01 3 Microeconomics TR 12:30pm  01:45
    Enrollment: 33 Location: TURNER 215 Inst: Mohammad Pourheydarian
  A study of supply, demand, price, seller market power, profit, consumer choice, specialization, efficiency, domestic and international trades, and distribution of income. The role of middlemen, speculators, and the government in economy. Discussion of current economic controversies. Prerequisites: sophomore standing and MATH 1013, unless mathematics waiver requirements are met. GE CORE - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS - BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/ SOCIAL SCIENCE.
10440 ECON 2033 WEB 3 Microeconomics N/A N/A  N/A
    Enrollment: 24 Location: WEB WEB CLASS Inst: Mohammad Pourheydarian
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