CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
January 14 - May 10
30553 CRJS 1003 M01 3 Intro To Criminal Justice MWF 11:30am  12:20
  Enrollment: 39 Location: GOODHU 205 Inst: Michael Giordano
  Surveys the American justice system, including legal and constitutional dimensions, the juvenile justice system, probation and parole, and elements of law enforcement. Note: It is highly recommended that students first complete or test out of the reading sequence before taking this course. It is alwo recommended that students complete ENGL 1013 before taking this course.
30554 CRJS 2103 M01 3 Criminology MWF 10:30am  11:20
    Enrollment: 34 Location: FUGITT 118 Inst: Ji Seun Sohn
  Focuses on theoretical and pragmatic factors involved in illegal behavior. Prerequistes: CRJS 1003 and ENGL 1023.
30670 CRJS 2213 M01 3 Juvenile Offender MWF 12:30pm  01:20
    Enrollment: 29 Location: FUGITT 118 Inst: Ji Seun Sohn
  A psycho/social examination of deviant and criminal behavior among juvenile populations in the United States, focusing on prevention, treatment, and other elements of the juvenile justice system. Pre-requisite: CRJS 1003.
30556 CRJS 3003 M01 3 American Legal Systems MWF 09:30am  10:20
  Enrollment: 36 Location: GOODHU 315 Inst: Michael Giordano
  Examines the American system of alternative and judicial dispute resolution focusing on court structures, jurisdictions, and steps in the civil and criminal processes Pre-requisite: CRJS 1003.
30559 CRJS 3023 M01 3 Police Investigation TR 02:00pm  03:15
    Enrollment: 20 Location: DURHAM 1 Inst: Michael Giordano
  Focuses on how the crime scene should be investigated, searched, and processed for evidence, and includes an emphasis on the legal admissibility of these procedures. Students will discuss the forensic value of physical evidence and the role of forensic science and criminalistics in evaluating this evidence and presenting it in court. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003 and CRJS 2203.
30560 CRJS 3123 M01 3 Police & Society TR 12:30pm  01:45
    Enrollment: 32 Location: GOODHU 211 Inst: Ji Seun Sohn
  Law enforcement in the U.S. as it relates to society. Topics include changing mores, the nature and evolution of the facily and other social institutions, ethnic and racial elements, and social stratification. Prerequistie: CRJS 1003
30561 CRJS 3203 M01 3 Corrections TR 03:30pm  04:45
    Enrollment: 19 Location: FUGITT 118 Inst: Ji Seun Sohn
  Study of the American penal system with attention to objectives, administration, historical evolution, and comparative status among developed countries. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003.
30557 CRJS 3623 M01 3 Research Meth In Crim Justice MWF 01:30pm  02:20
    Enrollment: 12 Location: DURHAM 1 Inst: Daniel Phillips
  Overview of the research process, with emphasis on research design, data collection, and analysis and interpretation of data and statistics. Use of both quantitative and qualitative research methods appropriate to the study of criminal justice. Prerequisite: General Education math requirement, CRJS 1003 and CRJS 3613. GE INTERMEDIATE - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS.
30562 CRJS 3703 M01 3 Criminal Law TR 09:30am  10:45
    Enrollment: 8 Location: DURHAM 1 Inst: Michael Giordano
  Attention will be given to the history and development of the substantive law, including common law, statutory law, and administrative regulations at the federal, state and local levels. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003 and CRJS 2203.
30740 CRJS 3843 M01 3 Sp T: Correctional Rehabilitat TR 02:00pm  03:15
    Enrollment: 6 Location: DURHAM 2 Inst: Daniel Phillips
  This course will begin with a thorough examination of the rise, fall and recent resurrection of "rehabilitation and treatment" in American Correctional strategies. Both past and current treatment strategies will be studied regarding their effectiveness in reducing recidivism. This will be done through a survey of the literature base. There will be some emphasis on treating special needs offenders (e.g., sex offenders, offenders with developmental disabilities or mental illnesses). There will also be some emphasis on work programs, religious programs, and educational programs.
30563 CRJS 4303 M01 3 Ethics And Professionalism TR 11:00am  12:15
    Enrollment: 11 Location: DURHAM 1 Inst: Michael Giordano
  Examines ethical and professional conduct related to specific career fields in criminal justice as well general ethical issues related to the overall discipline. Focuses on applying learned principles and ethical frameworks to current legal, political and social issues related to criminal justice. Prerequisites: Senior-level standing in CRJS program and at the College. GE - MASTERY- COMMUNICATION, INQUIRY & ANALYSIS, LOCAL/ GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP AND APPLICATION/INGEGRATION.
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