CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
January 14 - March 8
30714 MUSI 2003 S01 3 Survey Of Musical Masterworks M 05:30pm  09:30
    Enrollment: 8 Location: SCOTTS VILLE Inst: Joseph Huff
  A historical overview of music history of Western Civilization from the Middle Ages to present day. Substantial listening from all periods of music will help students identify and understand basic music terms, form, style, elements, and genres. Course rotation: All semesters. GE CORE - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS - FINE ARTS/HUMANITIES
March 18 - May 10
30717 MUSI 2103 S01 3 Music In American Culture I M 05:30pm  09:30
    Enrollment: 11 Location: SCOTTS VILLE Inst: Joseph Huff
  Explores the diversity and innovation of American music and its influence in our culture. Topics include music in early North America, sacred and secular music, the African American influence, the parallel developments of folk and ethnic music, the beginning of American popular music, and a history of country music. Course Rotation: Fall. GE CORE - ENGAGED LOCAL & GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP - ADDITIONAL COURSEWORK
30764 MUSI 2803 S01 3 Special Topics In Music R 05:30pm  09:30
    Enrollment: 5 Location: SCOTTS VILLE Inst: Wansoo Cho