CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
January 14 - May 10
30169 POSC 1003 M01 3 U.S. Government MW 03:30pm  04:45
    Enrollment: 23 Location: GOODHU 300 Inst: Stefan Brooks
  Introductory survey of the American political system, including study of the philosophical bases of American government, the three branches of the federal government, federal/state relations, civil rights, political parties, campaigns, the role of the media, and lobby groups. Course rotation: All semesters. GE CORE - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS - BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/SOCIAL SCIENCE
30170 POSC 1003 M02 3 U.S. Government TR 12:30pm  01:45
    Enrollment: 24 Location: GOODHU 300 Inst: Stefan Brooks
30299 POSC 3103 M01 3 U.S. Legislatures TR 03:30pm  04:45
    Enrollment: 9 Location: GOODHU 306 Inst: Stefan Brooks
  The course examines the role of the legislative branch in the American political system. The focus is primarily on the U.S. Congress but we will also discuss state legislatures including the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The course will investigate the concept of representation, the sources of legislative power, the institutions involved in formulating legislation and the people who participate in the legislative process. The role elections, leadership and parties play in the legislative process will also be expanded. This course is recommended for students contemplating a legislative internship. Prerequisite POSC 1003. Course rotation: Spring--even years.
30171 POSC 3863 M01 3 Sptop: Pol & Phil Of Star Wars MW 02:00pm  03:15
  Enrollment: 25 Location: GOODHU 300 Inst: Stefan Brooks
  This course will use the six Star Wars movies to examine a series of philosophic and political issues such as: what is good and evil; why does evil exist; why do people do evil; what is a happy life; how does one find and live a happy life; what is faith and what is piety; how and why does a republic become a dictatorship; what is love; what is friendship; what makes someone good or evil. The readings for this course will come from primarily Greek and Roman Political Philosophy.
30300 POSC 3873 M01 3 Pol Of Soviet Union & Russia TR 02:00pm  03:15
    Enrollment: 5 Location: GOODHU 306 Inst: Stefan Brooks
  This course will study the Politics of the Soviet Union and Russia, with special emphasis on Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This couse will devote particular attention to Communism, the Bolshevik Revolution, the leaders of the Soviet Union - particularly Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, and Gorbachev - and the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union.
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