CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
May 10 - June 21
40180 CHD 5063 F01 3 Individual & Group Assessment
F 04:00pm  09:00
S 09:00am  04:00
    Enrollment: 9 Location: MCTC MAYSVILLE Inst: Jeffrey Drury
  Provides an understanding of individual and group approaches to assessment and evaluation in counseling. History of assessment, statistical assessment concepts, reliability and validity, norm-referenced and criterion-reference interpretation, and ethical and legal concerns are addressed. Additional areas of focus include strategies for test selection, administration, scoring and interpretation as well as communication of test results. A variety of assessment methods is presented and their applicability to various diverse cultures is discussed.
May 10 - August 10
40181 CHD 6013 F01 3 Internship F 03:00pm  03:50
    Enrollment: 5 Location: MCTC MAYSVILLE Inst: Melinda Mays
  A minimum of 300 clock hours in a supervised clinical setting that allows for a transition from an educational, student-oriented environment to a professional, clincially oriented setting. During this experience, the student will receive on-site supervision from a qualified mental health professional while continuing to receive tutorial instruction on campus. Requires 120 hours of direct, face- to-face contact. This internship experience, i.e., 6013 - Internship, will have to be taken two (2) times to satisfy both the program and CACREP's requirement.
40182 CHD 6013 F02 3 Internship F 03:00pm  03:50
    Enrollment: 9 Location: MCTC MAYSVILLE Inst: Melinda Mays
May 17 - June 22
40178 CHD 5023 F01 3 Coun Theory/Tech: Affect/Human
F 04:00pm  09:00
S 09:00am  04:00
    Enrollment: 9 Location: MCTC MAYSVILLE Inst: James Hightower
  Introduces students to theories that conceptualize counseling issues, processes and interventions with an emphasis on affective and humanistic orientations. Additionally, students will become familiar with essential interviewing and counseling skills as well as ethical and legal considerations. Students will become knowledgeable about techniques associated with affective and humanistic counseling approaches through didactic instruction, experiential exercises and session evaluations.
40183 CHD 6023 F01 3 Diag Mental & Emotional Disord
F 04:00pm  09:00
S 09:00am  04:00
    Enrollment: 10 Location: MCTC MAYSVILLE Inst: Pamela Vaught
  This course provides an exploration of mental and emotional disorders including adjustment disorders; sleep disorders; schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders; mood disorders; anxiety disorders; somatoform disorders; factitious disorders; dissociative disorders; and other conditions that may be a focus of clinical attention. Classification of these disorders will be considered vis-a'vis the DSM-IV-R and ICD codes. Students will be introduced to methods used in the treatment and management of mental and disorders including treatment planning, recording keeping, intake and referral procedures and the use of psychopharmacological medications.
June 28 - August 16
40179 CHD 5053 F01 3 Career Education Counseling
F 04:00pm  09:00
S 09:00am  04:00
    Enrollment: 23 Location: MCTC MAYSVILLE Inst: Melinda Mays
  Promotes an understanding of the world of work and theories of career development including ability, interest, values, personality factors, and choice of occupation. Also discussed are occupational/vocational trends, interrelationships between work, family, and other life roles, assessment instruments and techniques relevant to instruction in the area of career guidance, as well as, various career counseling resources available to the counselor.