CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
May 13 - May 31
40036 COMM 3203 M01 3 Nonverbal Communication MTWR 09:00am  12:00
    Enrollment: 16 Location: TURNER 211 Inst: Susan Minton
  An intergral study relating to body language, facial expressions, vocal variations, proxemics, personal appearance, and artifacts. COMM 1003 recommended, Fall.
40037 COMM 3713 M01 3 Gender Communication MTWR 01:00pm  04:00
    Enrollment: 7 Location: TURNER 211 Inst: Susan Minton
  An assessment of communication interaction as influenced by gender differences and similarities. Intensive study of gender in social and professional situations. COMM 1003 recommended. Spring
40245 COMM 4503 M01 3 Interviewing MTWR 01:00pm  04:00
    Enrollment: 0 Location: TURNER 208 Inst: Jerry Thomas
  A comprehensive study of interviewing techniques as applied in diverse settings, including employment, performance appraisal, health care, and human services. Students will demonstrate understanding of relevant principles and techniques through observation of and participation in a series of interviews in and out of class. COMM 1003 Recommended, Spring.
June 3 - June 28
40038 COMM 3403 M01 3 Family Communication MTWR 09:30am  12:00
    Enrollment: 6 Location: TURNER 215 Inst: Jerry Thomas
  An introduction to communication phenomena in the family setting. Designed to help students understand how, through communication, family relationships are developed, maintained, enhanced, or disturbed. Students will learn verbal and nonverbal skills that help promote healthy family communication. Fall. GE - MASTERY - ENGAGED LOCAL & GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP.