CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
June 3 - June 20
40007 EDUC 5163 WEB 3 Schl Ldr & Prof Learning Comm N/A N/A  N/A
    Enrollment: 5 Location: WEB WEB CLASS Inst: Virginia Hess
  This course will examine the concept of the Professional Learning Community (PLC). The class will examine several PLC models, including the Three Basic Ideas as presented by Robert DuFour, (2004). Special emphasis is given to the personal teaching and leadership skills needed to develop, thrive, and be a contributing member within a PLC.
July 1 - July 18
40008 EDUC 5233 WEB 3 Ldrship In Differentiating Ins N/A N/A  N/A
    Enrollment: 6 Location: WEB WEB CLASS Inst: Latasha Jones
  ThIs course is designed to enhance understanding of effectively meeting the needs of learners with varying abilities, interests, learning profiles by encouraging and supporting teachers as they match instructional strategies to student learning styles. Characteristics of a differentiated classroom; techniques for differentiating content, process, and outcomes; and differentiation on the basis of students' readiness, interest, and need are components of this course. Candidates will learn how to move differentiation from an abstract idea to school- wide acceptance and implementation.