CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
August 19 - December 13
10015 JRNL 1503 M01 3 Mass Media & Society MWF 01:30pm  02:20
  Enrollment: 12 Location: TURNER 108 Inst: David Goguen
  (Also listed as COMM 1503) Open to all students, this lecture and discussion course is designed to introduce students to the study of the media of mass communication. Newspapers, books, magazines, film, broadcast and cable television, radio, advertising and the Internet are studied in relation to their historical development and their interralationship with society. Course Rotation: Fall.
10017 JRNL 2153 M01 3 Introduction To Photography MWF 09:30am  10:20
  Enrollment: 13 Location: SLIDER 201 Inst: David Goguen
  (Also listed as ART 2153) The course introduces students to fundamentals of digital photography in both artistic and media contexts. Through the study of cameras, light, composition, and image manipulation, students learn the processes and aesthetic values needed to produce quality images. The courses stresses a hands-on approach, allowing students to explore their creativity through a series of projects. Course Rotation: Fall and Spring.
10018 JRNL 2403 M01 3 Media Writing And Reporting TR 09:30am  10:45
    Enrollment: 21 Location: SLIDER 201 Inst: David Goguen
  The course introduces students to the fundamentals of journalism. Emphasis is on the reporting, writing, and editing of stories for the print, online, and braodcast media. Specific topics include interviewing, story structure and evelopment, media style, ethics and legal considerations. Prerequisite: ENGL 1013 or permission of instructor. Course Rotation: Fall.
10019 JRNL 3413 M01 3 Interactive Media Design TR 12:30pm  01:45
    Enrollment: 12 Location: SLIDER 201 Inst: David Goguen
  Examination and application of the theories, skills, and techniques used in digital storytelling and interactive media. Through a series of hands-on projects, students explore creative applications of interactive media through the integration of text, photographs, graphics, audio, and video. Prerequisites: Junior standing or permission of the instructor. Course Rotation: Fall of odd years.
10020 JRNL XNF1 M01 1 Practicum: Student Media Prod F 02:30pm  03:20
    Enrollment: 8 Location: TURNER 110 Inst: David Goguen
  The course stresses practical application of skills, techniques, and critical thinking through work with campus media productions (RaiderView, newspaper and online journal). The course may be repeated up to six hours to satisfy capstone requirements for the Journalism Emphasis or repeated for three hours and combined with JRNL PN03 Journalism Internship. Prerequisites: JRNL 2403 or permission of the instructor. Course Rotation: XNFA (fall) and XNS1 (spring).
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