CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
January 13 - May 9
30020 FREN 1023 M01 3 Intermediate French TR 03:30pm  04:45
    Enrollment: 4 Location: LIB LCONF Inst: Sheila Elliott
  This course consists of an intensive review of basic French grammar with emphases on conversation, on understanding the language's structure and content, and on acquiring such basic skills as speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary building. Couse instructors will use a multimedia program like "French in Action" which employs only authentic French, allowing students to use more complex structures of the language colloquially and ceratively in a short amount of time. Classes will meet three hours per week for explanation and demonstration. The course will prepare students for French 3033, it will be taught during the spring semesters, and it will have, as prerequisites, French 1013 or two years of secondary school French. GE CORE - ENGAGED LOCAL & GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP - ADDITIONAL COURSEWORK