CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
May 12 - August 15
40034 CRJS 1003 WEB 3 Intro To Criminal Justice N/A N/A  N/A
    Enrollment: 7 Location: WEB WEB CLASS Inst: Michael Giordano
  Surveys the American justice system, including legal and constitutional dimensions, the juvenile justice system, probation and parole, and elements of law enforcement. Note: It is highly recommended that students first complete or test out of the reading sequence before taking this course. It is alwo recommended that students complete ENGL 1013 before taking this course.
40035 CRJS 3003 WEB 3 American Legal Systems N/A N/A  N/A
    Enrollment: 4 Location: WEB WEB CLASS Inst: Michael Giordano
  Examines the American system of alternative and judicial dispute resolution focusing on court structures, jurisdictions, and steps in the civil and criminal processes Pre-requisite: CRJS 1003.
May 12 - June 27
40036 CRJS 3123 WEB 3 Police & Society N/A N/A  N/A
    Enrollment: 4 Location: WEB WEB CLASS Inst: Ji Seun Sohn
  Law enforcement in the U.S. as it relates to society. Topics include changing mores, the nature and evolution of the facily and other social institutions, ethnic and racial elements, and social stratification. Prerequistie: CRJS 1003
June 30 - August 15
40254 CRJS 3573 WEB 3 Rural Crime N/A N/A  N/A
    Enrollment: 5 Location: WEB WEB CLASS Inst: Daniel Phillips
  Examines critical issues related to criminal offending, criminal victimization and the administration of criminal justice in rural communities. Specific attention will be devoted to examining the social context of domestic violence, youth violence, substance abuse, drug trafficking, policing and crime prevention in rural communities. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003.