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Advice to Freshmen August 2013
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Alumni, Students & Staff Offer Advice to Freshmen Living on Campus

Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 [1:22 PM]

Opening Week 2013 Art
If experience is the most valuable thing someone has to offer, then the more than 460 freshmen preparing to move Saturday in to Lindsey Wilson College residence halls might want to heed the words more than 30 current LWC students, staff members and alumni.

The students, staff members and alumni replied to the recent post on Twitter on Facebook: "Question for LWC alumni & current students: what items should no LWC freshman leave home without?‪ #‎OpeningWeekLWC‬"


Responses included: the practical (change for the campus laundry machines); the unusual (a couch to haul to Walter S. Reuling Stadium for one of the soccer teams' couch nights); and the spiritual (hugs from a family member).


On Twitter, @grilledcheese4u posted: "Mini fridge and A LOT of quarters. #OpeningWeekLWC"


Former LWC Sports Information intern @NelsonPouliot added on Twitter: "Don't forget to bring a couch for the annual #CouchNight soccer game!"


Patience and the right tools are also important, according to @Lilred_85: "Bring a hammer and screwdriver, scissors, keep track of your ID, and patience is key!"


But don't overlook comfort items and talismans from home, posted ‏@thatgrl_LO: "No freshman should leave without their favorite stuffed animal."


Here's a sample of some of the advice posted on the LWC Facebook page:


* Tammy Wright: A scale to keep up with that freshman fifteen from all the good food at the dining center!

* John Brown
: Device with a reliable alarm.


* Allen Prigge: A hearty appetite for biscuits and gravy


* Cherise Mingus: Clorox cleaning wipes. Those suckers are life-savers for cleaning in a hurry!


* Dustin Harris: Ping pong paddle.


* Allen Prigge: Tennis racket.


* Jared Radford: All you need are clothes and bed stuff. Anything else is just extra.


* Lindsay Sharp: Notecards and plenty of them.


* Sarah Smith: An egg crate or memory foam mattress pad.


* Alison Hayes: Something to cover the mattress, like a mattress pad! Your back will thank you!


* Tiffany Calender: Day planner


* Haley Burton: An umbrella and rain boots for the ladies!


* Charlie Gibson: Flip flops.


* Mandy Cote McElwee: Hugs from their moms.


* Roger Todd DeWilde: Bible underwear, and a quarter.


* Matt Bridges: A bike and an open mind.


Officially, LWC residence halls open at 9 a.m. CT Saturday, Aug. 17. The fall semester begins Aug. 19, and Aug. 21 is the first day of classes for undergraduate students on the A.P. White Campus.

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