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Church College Celebration Day Live October 2013
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LWC Community Celebrates Its Methodist Heritage at Church College Day

Posted on Thursday, October 24, 2013 [1:32 AM]

COLUMBIA, Ky. -- The Rev. Todd Love sees firsthand the benefits of church-related higher education.


Love, who is superintendent of the Columbia District of the Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, has an office on the Lindsey Wilson College A.P. White Campus. He said Wednesday, Oct. 23, at the college's annual Church College Celebration Day that he has a front-row seat that allows him to observe what it means to be a church-related college.


"It is a privilege to come on to this campus every day … and to see at work on the campus of Lindsey Wilson College -- the fulfilling of exactly these end goals: pursuit of a great higher education and yet the instilling of a value-added benefit that will make you and all of us better able to serve the world in which we live," Love said at the service, held Wednesday afternoon in V.P. Henry Auditorium.


An annual event, Church College Celebration Day was started more than 20 years ago by then-LWC Provost and Dean of the Faculty Walter S. Reuling as an expression of the college's relationship with The United Methodist Church. LWC was founded in 1903 by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South to prepare students for Vanderbilt University. Today, the college is affiliated with the Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.


This year's Church College Celebration Day also included an evening concert by the LWC Concert Choir and Lindsey Wilson Singers, held at Columbia United Methodist Church.


At Wednesday afternoon's service, Love said "the church-related college was the norm" in higher education's first 200 years in the United States.


"There is reason to rejoice in the fact that church-related colleges such as Lindsey Wilson College still exist," he said. "A church-related college has a value-added benefit that cannot be found in every inst of higher education. The end goal of a church-related college is the cultivation of persons fully equipped to live at their best and make the greatest possible contribution to the society which they are part."


LWC Dean of the Chapel Terry Swan noted in his message -- titled "God Loveth Adverbs" -- the "remarkable transformation that Lindsey Wilson has gone through" during his almost three decades of service at the college.


"Lindsey Wilson College has done something quite unusual and really rather distinctive among church-related institutions," Swan said.


Although many church-related colleges have loosened their denominational ties, Swan said LWC's ties to The United Methodist Church "instead have dramatically become more intentional by both highlighting and cultivating our church relationship."


"There's something peculiar and special about the way we express our faith here at Lindsey Wilson College," Swan said. "There is a subtlety, there is a beauty, there is an unassuming nature to our faith here. It is not presumptuous; our faith is not highly prescriptive.

"We do not require our staff nor our students to sign a credo or a faith statement. We welcome everyone to the table. But to all who do sign on, all agree to be respectful and to be receptive to faith, because that is our very mission here."

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