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G-Oil April 2013
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Bio-Based G-OIL Helps LWC Become a Greener Campus

Posted on Tuesday, April 09, 2013 [8:30 AM]

LWC GOil April 2013
LWC's vehicles were switched to G-OIL to save money and become more
environmentally friendly.

COLUMBIA, Ky. -- Every day is Earth Day at Lindsey Wilson College.

Looking to become a pioneer in developing truly green campuses, LWC leadership found the college's green initiatives to be a recruiting tool and a reinforcement of the schools role in its communities.

About three years ago, LWC Operations Manager Mike Newton discovered G-OIL, America's first and only bio-based fully synthetic motor oil to receive American Petroleum Institute certification, at a nearby Walmart. Newton is responsible for tracking the college's several dozen cars, vans and buses.

After first testing G-OIL in his personal vehicles for almost a year, Newton switched the LWC fleet of 114 vehicles to G-OIL.

"We log over 1.5 million miles per year with our fleet," Newton said. "We thought it was important to 'walk the walk' with G-OIL in addition to our other green initiatives."

In addition to its performance and environmental benefits, G-OIL is competitively priced. It also reduces Newton's concerns about spillage, especially in confined work areas, as its biodegradable products do not require an extensive series of cleaning steps and costs. G-OIL also helps extend the interval between oil changes from 6,000 miles to 8,000-10,000 miles, saving time and money for the college.

"We've been spreading the word and helping to convert friends, co-workers, students and our neighbors," Newton siad. "If there is a motor oil like G-OIL that is green, renewable, and biodegradable at the same price as conventional oils, why will anyone be using conventional oils in the future?"

G-OIL officials said they were excited LWC adopted the product.

"We were pleased to learn of Lindsey Wilson College's program and their success including G-OIL in their green initiatives campaign," said Jeffrey Loch, Green Earth Technologies Inc. president and CMO. "We believe there is a great opportunity to work together with colleges and universities, where students and entire communities are anxious to learn more about the environment and environmental products like G-OIL and our bio-based G-CLEAN products."

According to Intertek research, replacing 0.01 percent of conventional motor oil with synthetic G-OIL is 626 metric tonnes CO2 eq., which is the equivalent of driving 1,508,447 miles in an average passenger vehicle. The study notes that a single tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and that replacing 1 percent of conventional motor oil with G-OIL would save about 137 million pounds of carbon dioxide per year, or the equivalent of planting 2.8 million trees.

"The environment is being changed one person, one family, one school, one community, one company at a time," Loch said. "And as Lindsey Wilson College found, you can make positive changes and sacrifice nothing in terms of performance or cost."

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