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Kentucky Repertory Theatre Equipment February 2014
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Theatre Program Acquires Costumes, Props and Sets of Former Kentucky Repertory Theatre

Posted on Tuesday, February 04, 2014 [2:25 PM]

COLUMBIA, Ky. -- The look of Kentucky Repertory Theatre of Horse Cave will live on in the Lindsey Wilson College Theatre Program.


The liberal arts college has acquired the costumes, props and sets of the defunct regional theater. The acquisition, which also includes tools used to build sets and a costume shop, will be a major boost to Lindsey Wilson's fledgling theater program, according to LWC Assistant Professor of Theatre Robert Brock.


"It's really exciting, and it will help solidify our program as it continues to develop," Brock said. "It's wonderful that these items will continue to play a vital role in theater. For more than three decades, they helped bring high-quality, professional theater to the citizens of Southern Kentucky. Now they will play a role in developing future generations of people who hope to one day work in theater."


Founded in 1976 as Horse Cave Theatre before being renamed in 2004, Kentucky Repertory Theatre closed in spring 2013. During its more than three decades of operation, the regional theater earned national attention, attracting actors and audiences from throughout the United States. It received the Kentucky Governor's Awards in the Arts in 2008.


Brock came to Lindsey Wilson four years ago to start the college's theater program after spending 13 years at Kentucky Repertory Theatre as an actor, artistic director and education director.


At Lindsey Wilson, Brock has helped the college establish a theater minor and major; he oversaw a major renovation to the college's V.P. Henry Auditorium, which now serves as the home of the LWC productions; and he established TheatreFest!, a summer regional theater.


The college will award its first bachelor of arts degrees in theatre this year.


"When I came here there was was nothing," Brock said. "There were no costumes, there were no props, there were no sets, there were no tools. We were just putting on plays the best we could."


Brock said the acquisition of Kentucky Repertory Theatre's costumes, props and sets are a great complement to the renovation of V.P. Henry Auditorium, which included new lighting, sound system and seats.


"As wonderful as the renovation was, we still didn't have all the other stuff that theater programs need," he said. "So now we go, overnight, from a theater program with none of that stuff to a theater program with all of it."


Last fall, the Lindsey Wilson Theatre Program produced two plays, a musical and a children's play. This spring, the program will produce a children's play and two dramas, including the debut of the first student-written play, Angels My Father Sent by Erika Finley of Hopkinsville, Ky. The play will be entered into the the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.


"Our program has come a very long way in a relatively short amount of time," Brock said. "It's very exciting to be part of theater at this college."

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