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Donor Profiles

Jim and Helen Fugitte


Lindsey Wilson College Trustee Jim Fugitte and his wife, Helen, feel that, "God placed us in Lindsey Wilson's path for a reason.  God's purposes prevail in all aspects of life... We have been blessed, and we've had more material well-being showered on us than any human has the right to expect.  We've known forever that we're just using these resources temporarily."
                                                                  - Jim and Helen Fugitte

Morris and Lavelle Shepherd


"I support Lindsey Wilson because it is my alma mater and I am so proud of Lindsey's achievements! My life was touched by Lindsey's fine faculty and staff during my years at Lindsey Wilson.  I'm always telling others about 'my college', Lindsey Wilson, and I say that with much pride."
                                              - Lavelle Farris Shepherd '53

"I paid my first semester's tuition by selling a horse, a cow and borrowing $300 from a relative.  I continue to support Lindsey to assist those first generation college students, like me, who would otherwise find it difficult, if not impossible, to attend Lindsey Wilson with its safe environment and small town caring atmosphere."
                                             - Morris Shepherd '53

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