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College Vehicle Policy

Safety Policy

Members of the Lindsey Wilson College community engage in activities requiring transportation to other locations. To accomplish this transport safely, the college owns and maintains a fleet of vehicles. The college is committed to protecting both the vehicles and especially the people involved in these trips. Because of the hazards such transportation activities represent, the following procedures have been instituted to preserve from harm both persons and property and to provide fair and safe usage of all vehicles.

The Office of Public Safety conducts a motor vehicle driving background check for all persons making application to drive College owned vehicles. Those individuals found to have less than perfect driving histories may be subject to driving privilege restrictions or denial of driving privileges, based on a poor driving history. In addition, the Office of Public Safety monitors and checks individual driving record on an annual basis in order to update driver eligibility and/or impose any restrictions deemed necessary, based on the driving history of the individual.

The following policies and procedures pertain to all college fleet vehicles or vehicle rentals for use in the activities of Lindsey Wilson College.


Reservations and requests for college vehicles must be requested through the form on Portal. Confirmation of the reservation will be sent through e-mail. Cancellations should be reported to Physical Plant Operations as soon as the driver is aware the vehicle will no longer be needed.

Vehicle Pick-Up and Return

Fleet vehicles shall be picked up from the Physical Plant Operations fleet parking lot and returned in a timely manner upon returning to campus. In order to check out a fleet vehicle, all individuals must supply a Vehicle Authorization Form with required authorizing signatures at the time of check out. All vehicles must be refueled at the time of returning. If a vehicle is needed prior to 7:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m., or during lunch Monday through Friday, or on a weekend, arrangements must be made to pick up keys during regular office hours. Pickup and return time must be followed closely to insure that each vehicle will be available for the next scheduled user. If vehicles are returned before or after the normal business hours, you will receive instructions from the Physical Plant Operations office in terms of returning keys and vehicle usage sheets.

Vehicle Usage Sheets require accurate recording of date, departure, ending mileage, reservation name and any vehicle problems.

Physical Plant Operations should be notified immediately if any vehicles appear to be damaged, defective or in need of repair. Prompt reporting of these situations can prevent deterioration of the vehicles and possible injury to employees or others. Physical Plant Operations can answer any questions about an employee's responsibility for maintenance and care of the vehicles.

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