Named Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are established by friends and families who make donations to the College. Most of the endowed scholarships have specific requirements established by the donors. The scholarship awards have various amounts and are available to new and returning students on the A.P. White Campus in Columbia.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Office of Student Financial Services.

$200,000 Challenge Grant
$500,000 Challenge Grant
Dr. Oris Aaron
Adair County Teachers
Valerie Adams Non-Trad
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Allen
Vista & Sandidge Allison
Alumni & Friends Walkway
Norman, Dora & Joey Antle
Athletic (Hundley)
Awakening Ministry
William Cashman Ayer
Frank M. Bacon Cycling
Mattie B. Baker & Son's
Peggy E. Baker
Charles D. & Jeanette Bennett
R. V. Bennett
Gilbert M. & Covella H. Biggers
Cordella & Bertram F. Bonner
Tyler & Mary Lula Bow
Boyd Lubker
William R. & Mary Deane Brantley
Myrl & Marcella Brashear
L. Foster & Ruth Brewer
Junius E. Bryant
B.J. & Mary Burnett
John & Dean Burr
Elsie C. Butcher
Caleb Capps Baseball Memorial
Edith Carroll
Rev. Lester B. & Mabel Spears Carter
Merrill & Beth Challman
Clyde & Christine Cheatham
Christian Service
Patricia Merkley Christiansen
Dr. Thomas D. Clark for History
Class of 1963
Class of 1965
Margaret Clayton
JoAnn Vanada & Rev. J. Smiley Collins
J. W. & Frances Compton
Claude Lee & Dollie Beatrice Cooley
Bertha Hamilton Coomer
Rev. John L. Coomer
Clarine Elizabeth Cooper
William Patterson Crenshaw
Hershel Denney
Rev. Ernest S. & Mary B. Denton
John C. Dorsey
Unessis Dewitt (Dee) & Cora Vaughn Dowell
Floyd & Magdalene Dudgeon
Dr. Frank L. & Elizabeth F. Duncan
Jackaline B. Dunlap Horizons
Mose Dunning, Jr. Science Award
W. Norris Duvall
Linda Levally Early
Elihu & Cordelia Eastridge
Chris D. Estes
Tom & Rowena Everett
Faculty Development
Mary Louise Ott-Fanelli
Guy M. & Lena C. Fenley
Helen Gilpin Flatt
The Reverend Chandler E. Ford Family
Charles E. Fouser Award for Research in Environmental Issues
Olive D. Freeman
Rev. Virgil J. & Ruth Fryman

Dr. Edward L. Gambill
Evelyn Rogers Gamble Memorial
Jerry L. & Elaine F. Garver
Kenneth George II
Reverend S. Ray & Lorene Gilliam
Ronald D. & Lily Glosser
Robert R. Goodin Family
Coach Don Green
Fred Gribbins Ministerial
Drs. Charles S. & Vera Guthrie
W. Paul & Lillian McAllister Hale
Greg V. & Teresa M. Hall
Wood & Marie Hannah for Choral Music
William Randolph Hearst Virginia M. & Ronald E. Heath Nursing Scholarship
Pearl Helm
John L. & D.D. Hendrickson
Stanley & Lue Ella Hickerson
Coach Doug Hines
Jo S. Hoefelman
Leona S. Holland
Doris Zenger Holloway
Sam & Allene Holmes for Christian Ministries
Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels
John B. Horton Memorial
Dr. & Mrs. F. Bennett Hulse, Jr.
Chester & Jewell Humphress
Mattie Hyams
Intrepid USA Healthcare Service Varna Holt
Dr. Ernest & Betty Brown Johnson
Walter M. & Lois G. Jones
Bob & Fran Keefe Athletic
Dr. Carolyn Keefe
The Keefe Family Non-Traditional
Ella & Raymond A. Kessel Memorial
L. Carman King & Linda Underwood King
Mary Kloth
Dr. Adam Komosa
Emmett W. & Mildred P. Kottke
Vivian Landrum
LaRue County Memorial
James P. & Bettye M. Long
Jeremy Lord
Mary Lucy Lowe
Julia Loy
William T. Luckey, Jr.
William T. Luckey, Jr. (Hendrickson)
Cecil Major Athletics
Rev. R.V. & Anna Belle Matthews
Dr. Emil D. McAdams
R.W. & Frances R. McCandless Memorial
Dr. L. Rodford McDonald
Shirley Brenton McKinnon Memorial
Millennium (Class of 50)
Bernice Miller
L. A. & Grace Miller
Orville & Mamie Miller
Delorah Jewell Moore Endowed English
Doug & Betty Jean Moseley
Katie Murrell
Louise Page Newberry
Chloe M. Niehaus
Dr. J. Howard Olds
Samuel Orr
Willard Mae Yarberry Overstreet
Allan M. & Bunny C. Parnell
Susan F. Patterson
Kennard & Melva Peden
Jannetta Peers
Gertrude & Donald Perry

William & Nadine Pettus
John & Jeanette Pierce for Christian Ministries
Willis & Traci Pooler
Curtis J. & Beatrice H. Powell
Lenn R. Pruitt
Keith & Mary Radford
Aleen Ensor Ralph
Ramseyer-Lindsey Wilson College
Robert M. Rawls
John C. & Nora L. Redman
Lowell Reeg
Walter S. Reuling
Lee & Gertrude Reynolds
Edward & Beulah Richards
Doug & Alberta Richardson
Marit B. Robb & Shelia K. Robb Nursing Advocacy Award
Henry C. & Elsie B. Rogers
Marshall Rowe Family
Malcolm B. Saunier Memorial
Reverend Alice Bondurant Scott
Kathryn Reese Sengel
William B. Shearer
Asa, Allie & David Shelton
Dorothy "Tillie" Wood Shelton
Lois Cooper Shepherd for Teachers
Dr. William W. Slider
Harold J. & Helen H. Smith
Rev. Dr. Jerry Allen & Carol G. Smith
S. Russell Sr. & Jean Olive Smith
S. Russell Smith, Jr.
W. K. Snyder
Marilyn D. Sparks
Billy C. & Faye C. Spencer
Jimmie Spurling
L. D. & Marie Squires
M. Keith Stearns
Dr. Barry C. Stephens Memorial
Dr. Julius M. & Hazel B. Stephenson
Sue Cravens Stivers
Mary Louise Stoltz
Terry W. & Cinda L. Swan
Teacher Education
Dr. Cyrintha Terry
Horace H. & Wilma Thompson
Shelly Thrasher Memorial
Brasher Thurman Library
Margaret S. Thurman
Dr. Cal Turner
Keith & Katherine Venable
Emily Vickers Endowed Award in Art
Richard L. & Mary Ann Wagner
Mary Evelyn Walker & Louise Brock
William "Bill" Walker
A.P. White
White Estate
Elizabeth & Ken Whitfield
Bob & Lorene Whitmer
John & Lanye Wigginton
Rose Willis
Dr. M.A. & Portia Winchester
Dr. Ralph D. & Mrs. Nellie Winchester
Noma Dix Winston
Reverend L.E. & Rose Woodcock
Lewis & Mary Woodward
W. Ruel & Runa Wooten
Collins, Russell, Wortham
Sean Wright & McKaylee Gilmore Memorial
Leo & Betty Young
Joseph W. & Margaret Zinn