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The School of Arts and Humanities is committed to fostering academic excellence at Lindsey Wilson College as well as to enriching the campus and local community. Arts and Humanities programs offer curriculum that engage students in the study of human societies and cultures. Such study helps individuals to better understand their cultures as well as cultures that are different than their own. In other words, the arts and humanities promote both self-awareness and the ability for human beings to relate to one another, and, thereby, they remain profoundly important today. Our programs also actively develop the skills of communication, creative and critical thinking, and cultural literacy. These skills not only are essential to students' academic success and future success in a wide variety of professions but also prepare them to respond to the challenges of an ever-changing, increasingly diverse world and to positively impact their communities as informed and engaged citizens.

Undergraduate Programs

Art (BA)
Emphasis offered in:
    Studio Art
    Digital Art
English (BA)
History (BA)
Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)
Political Science (BA)
Social Science (BA)
Theatre (BA)
Women's & Gender Studies (BA)


Political Science
Women's & Gender Studies

Non - Degree program

Music Performance