Division of Humanities and Fine Arts

The Humanities and Fine Arts Division is one of the most diverse divisions on campus. Faculty from Art, Christian Ministries, English, Developmental Studies, Foreign Language, Journalism, and Music serve in the division. The division houses several prominent majors, and also serves the campus community in a variety of other ways. Humanities and Fine Arts plays an important role in general education by encouraging critical thought and clear art-gallery.JPGexpression in writing courses, reflection on faith issues in Religion courses, and exposure to great works of art, literature and music in other general education courses. As the home for the College's instrumental and vocal music ensembles, the host of the art gallery, and the sponsor of both the campus newspaper (RaiderView) and literary magazine (Orpheus), the Humanities and Fine Arts Division contributes significantly to the intellectual life of the campus.

Art Gallary


In addition to providing courses foundational to the college experience, the division's programs help students to see the present more clearly and profoundly; provide skills for them to become more creative, innovative, forward-looking, and successful; and prepare them to become more purposeful human beings and engaged, life-long learners.