Chemistry - Faculty

Terry Swan

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Brian Hilker

Jim and Helen Fugitte Science Center - Room 313
Phone: 270-384-7347

Certificate in College Teaching, University of Kentucky
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
M.S., Pennsylvania State University
B.S., Pennsylvania State University

After 20+ years of industrial chemistry R&D experience, I returned to college and worked at University of Kentucky learning plant genetic engineering prior to joining Lindsey

I am joining Lindsey in the 2009 after a short adjunct appointment in 2008. During my adjunct assignment, I noticed how much this small college atmosphere and really its people just felt comfortable to me. I experienced first-hand a close-knit family each pursuing shared goals of helping each student daily and that really appealed to me. I am a small town Pennsylvania farm boy, the first of my family to pursue a baccalaureate degree, with 2 years of local community college education, an earned BS then MS and then PhD from a large research-based school, Penn State. I relish being on the other side of the small college experience that I fondly remember so positively affecting me when I was a student starting my college education years ago.

My interests outside of the classroom are highly varied. I enjoy time with my family and pets (numbers almost more than some zoos), learning and applying personal success and relationship (male/female) psychology, enjoying nature, attempting home improvement projects, stock market investing, and following general science trends including health science. I am also a rabid football fan, mostly college and even more fanatical about Penn State football.

In the classroom, I attempt to help my students feel my passion for the subject at hand. My passion stems from a strong belief about the practical nature of how chemistry and related sciences touch and influence our everyday lives---oft times without our knowledge of the causes. I fervently believe that the more educated we are about these dynamic issues and their chemical foundations, the better personal decisions each person can make about how such issues affect the health and welfare of each of us personally and of our loved ones.