Criminal Justice

Minor - Program Requirements

Allen Copenhaver, Ph.D., Program Coordinator

Durham Center, Room 103 

(270) 384-8231   

Mission Statement

The mission of the criminal justice program is to prepare students for careers and further study in the three main substantive areas of criminal justice: policing, courts, and corrections.

Graduation Requirements

Some courses taken for the minor may simultaneously fulfill general education requirements. Please see the Graduation Requirements (bachelor’s degrees) section of this catalog for information on the general education program.

Students should note that the minor contributes between nine and 15 hours toward the required 39 hours of 3000-4000 level coursework.

Program Requirements: 21-27 hours

Along with the general education program and a major, students must complete the minor’s prerequisites and core requirements and must select program electives as indicated.

A.         Recommended & Prerequisite Courses: 0-6 hours

  • Writing Studies I (ENGL 1013) is recommended for CRJS 1003 unless waiver requirements are met – 3 hours
  • Writing Studies II (ENGL 1023) is a prerequisite for elective CRJS 2103 – 3 hours

B.         Core Requirements: 15 hours

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJS 1003) is the prerequisite for all CRJS courses except CRJS 1013 – 3 hours
  • Criminal Courts (CRJS 2303) – 3 hours
  • Police & Society (CRJS 3123) – 3 hours
  • Corrections (CRJS 3203) – 3 hours
  • Ethics (PHIL 3003) – 3 hours

C.         Program Electives: 6 hours

Select any two three-hour courses offered in criminal justice not taken to fulfill the minor’s core requirements.