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Doctor of Nursing Practice in Executive Leadership (DNP)

DNP Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)

Upon completion of the Lindsey Wilson College Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, graduates will:

  1. Synthesize knowledge from the natural, social, and nursing sciences and apply principles of evidence based practice to improve health outcomes for diverse populations.
  2. Apply knowledge of systems and organizational theories in order to effectively lead, foster ongoing improvement in health outcomes, ensure patient safety, and increase cost-effective patient care.
  3. Apply analytic techniques to appraise evidence for best clinical practice, design, implement, and evaluate quality improvement and patient safety methods.
  4. Integrate current and emerging healthcare systems technology by providing ethical leadership to analyze, promote, utilize, and evaluate a high quality healthcare system to improve consumer healthcare.
  5. Synthesize health care policy by providing critical appraisal and ethical leadership to influence all levels of organizational policies advocating for social justice with the healthcare arenas.
  6. Integrate interprofessional and intraprofessional collaboration by developing strong leadership and consultative skills for effective communication within the complex healthcare system.
  7. Analyze epidemiology, biostatistical, environmental, and other appropriate scientific data related to individualized cultural relevance, health promotion, and disease prevention.
  8. Demonstrate advanced levels of clinical judgement and accountability by providing leadership skills to design, implement, and evaluate evidenced based interventions based on nursing science and other sciences to improve patient outcomes while promoting lifelong learning.