Middle Grades Education (5-9) - Student Learning Outcomes

LWC Middle Grades Education (5-9) graduates will be able to:

1.1: Knowledge

    Middle Grades education candidates Knowledge: Candidates demonstrate in-depth understanding of processes, concepts, knowledge, and 21st century skills in their content area

2.1: Pedagogy

    Candidates effectively plan and implement classroom strategies including research-based best practice that foster 21st century skills and effective learning

3.1: Leadership

    Middle Grades Education candidates provide leadership in the school and in the community fostering the development of 21st century skills

4.1: Reflective Best Practice

    Middle Grades Education Candidates develop dispositions as caring, reflective, self-assessing thinkers and professional

Assessment of Middle Grades Education (5-9) Outcomes

These outcomes will be assessed using a variety of assessment methods including:
    written papers
    case studies