Master of Science in Technology Management (MSTM)

Course Delivery

The Lindsey Wilson College M.S.T.M. program is a 35-credit hour course of study that is offered through a combination of seated and fully online courses. The program is designed to integrate academic concepts and work experience through educational coursework, case studies, and required internships that connect course content to the employment settings. The blended courses require students to attend on-campus classes once per semester.


Blended Course

Online Course

Internship Course

First MBA 5013 Organizational Communications MSTM 5003 Computer and Network Security MSTM 5901
Second MBA 6033 International Business Management MSTM 5013 Disaster and Recovery Planning MSTM 5901
Third MBA 6083 Organizational Behavior/td> MSTM 5023 Emerging Technologies MSTM 5901
Fourth MSTM 6013 Management Information Systems MSTM 5033 Information Infrastructure MSTM 5901
Fifth MSTM 6023 Project Management MSTM 6003 Issues in Cyberlaw MSTM 5901