Masters of Science Technology Management

Course Descriptions

MBA 5013 – Organizational Communications – 3 credit hours

This course emphasizes oral and written forms of business communications as well as interpersonal and organizational communications and includes exploration of the various techniques, instruments, processes, and styles employed by leaders to communicate effectively within organizations and ethical considerations in communications.

MBA 6033 – International Business Management – 3 credit hours

This course will emphasize organizational behavior within a global format, prepare the student for dealing with the cultural, social, and ethical issues of working within the world market, and will focus on how and why the world’s countries differ and the economics and politics of world trade. Also, this course will investigate the global monetary systems, the strategies and structures of international business, and the roles of international business’s functions.


MBA 6083 – Organizational Behavior – 3 credit hours

The course will emphasize organizational behavior within complex work organizations. Topics include organizational structure and theory, work redesign, perception and attribution, learning, motivation, groups, conflict, power, influence, leadership, and decision-making.

MSTM 5003 – Computer & Network Security – 3 credit hours

This course provides the background on security issues relating to computers and communication systems including mobile and internet technologies. This course will develop security awareness for use and implementation of information processing components such as networks, applications, and operating systems. Procedures and algorithms for virus detection, encryption, and database security will be discussed.


MSTM 5013 – Disaster & Recovery Planning – 3 credit hours

This course focuses on practical processes of disaster response planning and mitigation for security professionals working in both public and private organizations. Almost every business and organization must deal with business continuity and IT disaster recovery at some level. Areas addressed include risks to companies’ and organizations’ critical business resources, IT systems and processes related to the onset of cloud computing technology, the proliferation of wireless mobile devices, severe weather related incidents, and other types of disasters both human-engineered and natural.


MSTM 5023 – Emerging Technologies – 3 credit hours

This course addresses academic research and practical applications related to technological ventures. Topics focus on opportunity, strategy, laws covering intellectual property, and financial aspects of technology enterprise.


MSTM 5033 – Information Infrastructure – 3 credit hours

This course introduces fundamental concepts of data communication and networking, such as network structure, cybersecurity issues, and trends in communications and networking. Practical application of content is made through case study analysis.


MSTM 5700 – Graduate Research – 0.5 credit hours

Critical thinking expressed through solid research and clear writing serves as the foundation for all academic and professional pursuits. Each student will develop these skills through the research and composition of an essay that contains a clear thesis statement and produces an argument utilizing appropriate evidence.


MSTM 5900 – Internship – 0.5 credit hour

This course provides students with an opportunity to gain practical work experience that is connected to graduate coursework for the MSTM program. This for-credit internship requires students to document work experiences, including hours worked and tasks completed, in a job placement related to the field of study. In addition to internship responsibilities, students will complete written research to connect practical experiences with graduate coursework. Students generally are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week to complete expectations for this course and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. This course may be taken for 0.5 credit hour per term and may be repeated up to 5 credit hours.

MSTM 6003 – Issues in Cyberlaw – 3 credit hours

This course explores the legal and policy issues associated with the Internet and cyberspace. The course will focus on cases, statutes, regulations, and constitutional provisions that affect people and business interacting through computers and the Internet. Topics include intellectual property, e-commerce, online contracts, cybercrimes, torts, and privacy issues.


MSTM 6013 – Management Information Systems – 3 credit hours

The course focuses on how today’s businesses use information technology to achieve expected outcomes and corporate missions. It covers the topics of organizational change, ethical issues of information systems, information systems processes, application of project management concepts to technology infrastructure, and compliance and security concern in information technology.

MSTM 6023 – Project Management – 3 credit hours

This course covers theories supporting effective communication, planning, and tools used in project management. Strategies for gaining internal support for change and mitigation of failure are discussed. Practical application is made through case studies of management change processes.