Mathematics - Special Opportunities

You can take advantage of a number of opportunities as part of the Lindsey Wilson Mathematics community. You may elect to accompany a group of students lead by a faculty member to a regional or national meeting. Should you produce your own results from working with a faculty member one on one, you could make a presentation at one of these meetings. There are also various mathematics competitions sponsored by national organizations available for students. One of our main interests at Lindsey is helping you develop yours.

Undergraduate Research

We encourage you as a student to engage your curiosity about mathematics and its applications. Working closely with a faculty member on a question that is important to you is a rewarding experience. Our faculty have worked with students on questions involving creating optimal course offerings, modeling racing strategy in swimming, assigning work in a machine shop, analyzing the drive thru for fast food, and numerical techniques of integration. We would enjoy the opportunity to work with you on your particular mathematical investigation.


Although an internship is not common in mathematics, we have had students who gained insights and work experience through academic internships. These included a semester in a local bank and a summer at an investment company in Louisville.