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Military Science

Course Descriptions

MIL 1012 – Military Mountaineering & Leadership – 2 credit hours

Introduction to military mountaineering operations and leadership. Fundamentals of basic rappelling, belaying, rope bridges, and applications of leadership in practical exercises. Field trips to off-campus locations may be required, and transportation will be provided. Course rotation: Fall.


MIL 1022 – Developmental Skills – 2 credit hours

Continues the student’s education in military and life skills lessons in the areas of problem solving, critical thinking, leadership theory, basic first aid, survival skills, and group interaction. Course rotation: Spring.


MIL 2013 – Basic Leadership – 3 credit hours

Prepares the student to become an effective small unit leader. Topics include leadership doctrine, ethics, communications, first aid, and land navigation. Course rotation: Fall.


MIL 2023 – Team Building & Military Doctrine – 3 credit hours

Introduces students to military doctrine and tactics, values and ethics, and officership. The latter includes extensive work at military oral and written communication skills as well as the role of The United States Army from Vietnam to present day. Course rotation: Spring.


MIL 3013 – Military Leadership & Management – 3 credit hours

Principles and techniques of leadership and management including leadership techniques and training, introduction to basic military weapons, and ethics and professionalism. Prerequisites: MIL 1012, MIL 1022, MIL 2013, and MIL 2023. Course rotation: Fall.


MIL 3024 – Military Leadership & Advanced Tactical Skills – 4 credit hours

Principles and fundamentals of small unit tactics and communications with emphasis on leadership techniques for controlling and employment of small units. Includes communication, map reading, and troop leading procedures. Prerequisites: MIL 1012, MIL 1022, MIL 2013, and MIL 2023. Course rotation: Spring.


MIL 4013 – Professional Leadership Skills – 3 credit hours

Focuses on military leadership and management principles. Discussion and practical exercises in leadership principles and traits, organizational leadership, counseling techniques, management, delegation, and control. Prerequisites: MIL 3013 and MIL 3024. Course rotation: Fall.


MIL 4024 – Role of the Army Officer – 4 credit hours

The final course of the advanced program focuses on Army combat operations, logistics, administration, readiness, military justice, leadership, management, and preparation for commissioning. Prerequisites: MIL 3013 and MIL 3024. Course rotation: Spring.


MIL 4103 – Military History – 3 credit hours

Major theoretical, strategic, technological, and social developments in military history from earliest times to the present. Course rotation: Spring.