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Program Prerequisite Courses for
Pre-licensure Nursing Pathways

    FYE 1001 - First Year Experience*
    HLCA 1013 - Nursing Assistant Prep Course or must have active, unencumbered SRNA Certificate - Effective Fall 2020
    ENGL 1013 - Writing Studies I
    ENGL 1023 - Writing Studies II
    MATH 1013 - College Algebra
    BIOL 2614 - Human Anatomy
    CHEM 1104 - Principles of Chemistry
    HLCA 2013 - Medical Communication
    PSYC 1003 - Principles of Psychology
    NUTR 1003 - Fundamentals of Nutrition

*Can be taken concurrently with Nursing courses during first semester of the Nursing Program if all other prerequisites are met.