Political Science - Special Opportunities

Political science majors often participate in the following internship programs:
  • Semester in Frankfort:

    Through an arrangement with the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges & Universities (AIKCU), a student may apply to spend the spring semester studying and interning in Frankfort, the state capitol of Kentucky. Students take two courses that deal with Kentucky government, legislative process, and the media, and intern 30 hours a week in either the legislative or executive branch. Students are placed in an office that complements their academic strengths and professional ambitions. The program is excellent preparation for students interested in careers in law, the media, or public service. Up to 15 Lindsey Wilson College credit hours may be earned through the program. For additional information, contact the Academic Affairs Office.

  • United Methodist College Washington Consortium:

    Lindsey Wilson College is a member of the United Methodist College Washington Consortium. The Consortium offers students the experience of living, interning, and studying in the heart of Washington, D.C. Students participating in the Capitol Hill Internship Program (CHIP) offered by the Consortium live in attractive apartments on Capitol Hill, intern in both government and non-governmental offices as part of select programs available only in Washington, D.C., and learn in challenging seminars and courses that are tailored to enrich their internship experience. Up to 15 Lindsey Wilson credit hours may be earned through the program. Applications for the program are available in the Academic Affairs Office.