Psychology/Psychophysiology - Special Opportunities

Hypnosis Research Program

The LWC Psychology Program offers its students many opportunities to engage in research through both in-class assignments and independent projects. In particular, students may participate in the Hypnosis Research Program. Students have the opportunity to present their research findings at regional meetings such as the Blue Ridge Undergraduate Research Conference. The Hypnosis Research Program (HRP) is designed to promote undergraduate research opportunities for all LWC students. It is open to all students who have an interest in doing quality research related to hypnosis or hypnotherapy. For psychology and psychobiology majors, Human Services majors, and students considering graduate work in other areas, it is also another opportunity to do and present research, as is increasingly required for graduate school admission.

With planning, even the busiest student can conduct quality research. With coaching, practice and encouragement, even the most anxious student can present a quality PowerPoint presentation. Prior to taking classes in statistics, with tutoring, a student can achieve an appropriate level of understanding of the statistical methods used in his/her presentation. Research projects can be done beginning with the freshman year with simple surveys and literature reviews and can be further developed in the following years using more advanced research methods and statistical analysis.

Research projects can be done through the Honors Program, for academic credit as Directed Studies, or simply because the student wants to do research and/or needs to present research in preparation for admission to graduate school. However, research conducted for Honors credit must follow all of the requirements as passed by the faculty, including presenting said research at the Honors Colloquium. Research done as Directed Studies must follow those appropriate guidelines. And all research must follow any required contract and its timeline as agreed upon with the Faculty Sponsor. And, as with any research conducted by LWC students, HRP research must be approved by the IRB.

Students who are considering HRP research during the current or succeeding semesters should immediately meet with Dr. Steven Scott, Professor of Psychology, to discuss their ideas and to have their concerns answered.

Contact Information

Dr. Steven C. Scott
Professor of Psychology
Psychophysiology Program Coordinator
Hypnosis Research Program Coordinator