Psychophysiology - Program Distinctions

The psychophysiology major meets students' needs in six ways:

  1. Psychophysiology prepares students for graduate or professional admissions tests, including the MCAT, DCAT, PCAT or GRE.
  2. Psychophysiology is a very academically rigorous major, leading to the preferred bachelor of science degree.
  3. It is a very flexible major with three concentrations should your career plans change.
  4. Psychophysiology can be completed in four years if you enter LWC as a reasonably strong student in math and science.
  5. Psychophysiology gives students a minimum of 40 elective hours, allowing them to complete a minor, a second major, or to take classes required or recommended by a specific graduate school.
  6. Psychophysiology allows students to postpone some classes required in the major if they are seeking early acceptance into a graduate program.