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Sustainability & Environmental Studies - Program Distinctions

The program addresses not only the college mission statement but it also addresses the social principles of The United Methodist Church's call to environmental stewardship using sustainable resources and technology to be an agent of social transformation on the campus, in the community and/or globally.

In addition to campus initiatives, the program is supported by the College's work at Adair County High School in the Energy Technology Career Academy, by the need for environmentally aware citizens and by the growth in "green" occupations and sustainability.

The Sustainability & Environmental Studies coursework will prepare the future workforce for state and national industries to improve their competitiveness in energy technologies. The targeted General Education courses will educate students, on the broader impacts of sustainability and energy. These broader impacts, including economic, environmental, political, social, etc., will help future leaders more fully to consider future choices on the direction of state and national energy technologies, policies, and use. The courses on energy, for future P-12 teachers, will leverage the program to indirectly reach P-12 students across the state, bringing enhanced energy literacy across the commonwealth.