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LWC Spring 2020 Senior Art Exhibit

LaVonia Carole

Artist Statement

An Essence of Life Poster

An Essence of Life

Most people are hunting for some kind of treasure. I hunt for treasure inside people. I do this by interviewing someone and writing about them. I then paint my impression of an essence of the person. The painting is not a portrait. I view it more like capturing a beautiful floating fragrance coming from the inner person.

My desire is to show the equality and value of all people regardless of age, nationality, color, economics, body type, religion, sexual orientation, and such. I accomplish this by using the same canvas size (18"W x 24"H) and the same acrylic paint. When the paintings are displayed together the equivalence is unmistakable. The value and uniqueness of each person is captured in the painting itself.

Typically I begin with loose, expressionistic marks as I keep the person in mind. When I finish there are usually recognizable items included. I work in layers similar to the depths in people. My work is displayed without frames to replicate the transparency of the person interviewed.

This project takes away all barriers and creates equality, yet keeps individuality. Each artwork is as unique as the person it portrays. This is a challenging project but important. I desire to remind people to remember the value of others they pass by. By uniting my love of people and love of art I am changing lives one piece at a time.

Note: The people represented in this show are: Australian, South American, and North American; shoe sales person, homeless, farmer, athlete, musician, professional wrestler, student, retired teacher, homemaker, refrigeration mechanic, and factory worker; ages 87yrs to 26 yrs; obese to trim; black, white, and hispanic.

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Dejah Smith

Artist Statement

Feeling 4 Life Poster

Feeling 4 Life

Many people get a considerable amount of comfort from the ocean. Whether it’s from the sound of waves crashing, or the beauty of the sunset, it’s certain that the overall atmosphere of this setting creates a relaxed feeling in the person viewing it. Now envision combining this experience with the fantastical thoughts lurking deep within your imagination. These are relaxing and freeing concepts that are completely your own, and while the color and form of these ideas are vague, there is still excitement in knowing that the possibilities are endless.

If you conceptualize these thoughts and combine them into one idea, then you are able to picture my artwork. A free-flowing pour painting that allows you and your imagination to run wild.

When I begin a painting, I start with a single color, which will be the dominant color of the composition. From there, I choose colors based on intuition in order to capture a specific emotion within the work. During this process I mix my paint and floetrol in a cup and stir it about 30 times or till there is no white from the floetrol. I don't usually measure my mixtures, an estimate would be 80% floetrol and 20% paint. After pouring the pour mixture on to the canvas, I use different techniques to spread it around, I apply The tilt method, where you put the pours in the middle and tilt the canvas so the paint can spread in the direction you move. The swipe method, where you put multiple colors across the canvas then take a wet or dry towel and lightly swipe it across the direction you want. The chain ball method, where you spread the paint out using the other two methods then you dip the chain into a mix color and drag it across the wet canvas. In some works, after the paint has dried, I complete the piece by adding figures or animals into the composition.

I know a piece is finished when the composition appears to be completely balanced, and all of the elements are working together to evoke the emotion I intended when starting the painting. My goal for this series is to produce works that allow the viewer to forget about their daily worries and struggles. My hope is that the audience can escape into the depths of the layers of color, and enjoy the feeling they have when gazing at these imagined worlds that I have created.

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