LWC Spring 2021 Senior Art Exhibit

Breanna Clark

A Moment In Time by Breanna Clark

Artist Statement

This series represents all the big moments in life that everyone goes through and uses flowers to remember these moments for a little longer. I wanted to capture these moments through the flowers we use to remember them. While growing up my mother would take flowers from special events and freeze them in the freezer so she could keep them longer. I think of my paintings the same way. It's a way for me and others to make those moments in life last forever or as long as it possibly can.

I use acrylic paint on canvas or canvas board to achieve my pieces. I use acrylic because it allows me to work quickly and add as many layers as a work. The layer of paint is the same as the layer in a bouquet itself. I take a large amount of paint on the paint brush and use one or two brush strokes for each flower petal. When choosing which flowers and greenery to include in each painting I first look at different types of flower I would like to add and then choose a complimentary color scheme. I do this so each flower can stand out and none of them get lost in the background. I kept the backgrounds simple so that the attention would be on the flowers so the viewer could take their time to look at each brush stroke that makes them up.

A lot of the paintings in this series are of flower bouquets from events in my own life like funerals for loved ones and other special occasions. I used a couple of different size canvas for this series. I did this to represent the significance of any event someone finds special to them no matter how big or small. A couple of the smaller paintings also inspired me to do larger versions of them. This gave me the chance to add more details and more flowers into one piece.

When someone looks at my painting I want them to feel the emotions that are attached to the flowers from these events in life whether that is sadness, happiness, or excitement. Bouquets capture the beauty of nature and allow one to bring a piece of it into their home. The only negative about bouquets are that they eventually die, but my paintings allow these moments to last forever

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Lauren Decker

Welcome to The Canyons by Lauren Decker

Artist Statement

I paint to create connections and to evoke a sense of emotion to the people who encounter my work. We are all traveling on this path of life each having our own experiences. These experiences are what makes our journeys unique. I would like people to find beauty and to make connections in my paintings that they can relate back to their own lives.

I generally paint with oil and love having the ability to play with the transparencies of the paint to create different levels of texture. I admire the textural qualities of a painting and the overall feel it gives not only physically, but visually as well. Most of my compositions are based around nature because it is what I feel most connected with. Landscapes have always been a favorite of mine to create. I love capturing a moment in time or creating my own reality all while encompassing different textural qualities.

My current series is centered around canyons and different rock formations. Just as canyons are made by flowing water people are going through life feeling like they are static but in reality, they are paving the way for monumental impacts. This relates to people going through their daily experiences of life. I know some people live their lives thinking they aren’t making an impact or that their life has no purpose but we as humans are always making impacts, especially around our close friends and family. We are also making an impact on the Earth by how we are living our lives. I hope this series inspires others to examine the impacts they are making in their lives and motivates them to live life to the fullest.

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Tatiana Williams

Works of a Lifestyle by Tatiana Williams

Artist Statement

I feel when I work with the colors of pink in my pieces that it’s something that reminds me of my best friend that passed a little over a year ago. Even colors such as purple because that was someone else’s favorite color that passed away that I was close with. Most of my pieces that I make have to deal with my mood. I mainly use colors of the people that I’m close with to try and use this as a remembrance of them, sort of like a memorial through my artwork.

I feel if I do this that I’m able to stay connected with them in a way that is healthy to say because I was able to surpass their death now I’m just remembering them through art. This is why this semester I was happy to add in a couple of pieces using wine and champagne glasses. This in particular reminds me of my Nana and how much she meant to even still over the years. I would like to eventually incorporate more over time and learn different techniques with them.

Honestly, if I make any type of art it’s for my lost ones or just because of my mood. This is the thing that keeps me going with my art and keeps me connected with them in a way.

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