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BA - Program Requirements

Kara Mollis, Ph.D., Dean, School of Arts & Humanities

W.W. Slider Humanities Center, Room 302

(270) 384-8233       


Tim Smith, M.F.A., Program Coordinator

W.W. Slider Humanities Center, Room 101A

(270) 384-8079       


Full-time program faculty: Timothy W. Smith, M.F.A.


Mission Statement

The mission of the art program is to provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge leading toward deeper appreciation of the visual arts, professional preparation, and individualized creative expression.


Complimented by an outcomes based liberal arts curriculum, the art program serves to engage students in the visual arts with studio concentrations, digital arts, art history, and content area requirements for art education.


Graduation Requirements

Some courses taken for the major will simultaneously fulfill general education requirements. Please see the Graduation Requirements (bachelor’s degrees) section of this catalog for information on the general education program.


Students should note that the major provides fewer than the required 39 hours of 3000-4000 level coursework, therefore students will need to complete additional 3000-4000 level coursework to meet this requirement.


Program Requirements: 43-44 hours

Along with the general education program, students must complete the major’s core requirements, must select one of its emphasis areas (Studio or Digital Arts), and must complete the requirements and electives for that area.


A.        Core Requirements: 17 hours

  • Beginning Studio: Drawing (ART 1214) – 4 hours
  • Design & Color (ART 2164) – 4 hours
  • Art History I (ART 2733) – 3 hours
  • Art History II (ART 2743) – 3 hours
  • Modern Art (ART 3753) – 3 hours


Note:   ART 2733 and ART 2743 need not be taken in sequence.


B.        Emphasis Area (select one of the following areas): 26-27 hours

1a – Studio Emphasis Requirements: 15 hours

  • Digital arts elective – 3 hours                                                                              
  • Studio elective (outside area of 2D or 3D concentration) – 4 hours                                    
  • Art Majors Seminar I (ART 3904) – 4 hours                                                     
  • Art Majors Seminar II (ART 4904) – 4 hours


1b – Studio Emphasis Electives: 12 hours (choose one area)

  • Advanced Studio: Drawing (ART 3234) – 4 hours


  • Beginning Studio: Painting (ART 2314) – 4 hours
  • Advanced Studio: Painting (ART 3334) – 4 hours


  • Beginning Studio: Ceramics (ART 2414) – 4 hours
  • Advanced Studio: Ceramics (ART 3434) – 4 hours


  • Beginning Studio: Sculpture (ART 2514) – 4 hours
  • Advanced Studio: Sculpture (ART 3524) – 4 hours


Note:   The advanced studio courses (ART 3234, ART 3334, ART 3434, ART 3524) may be repeated for credit. The twelve hours in a concentration are earned through repeating the specific advanced studio course.


2a – Digital Arts Emphasis: 18 hours

  • Introduction to Photography (ART/JRNL 2153) – 3 hours
  • Computer Graphics I (ART 2623) – 3 hours
  • Computer Graphics II (ART 3633) – 3 hours
  • Digital Video Arts (ART 3643) – 3 hours
  • Interactive Media Design (ART/JRNL 3413) – 3 hours
  • Internship (ART PN03) – 3 hours


2b – Digital Arts Emphasis Electives: 8 hours

  • Beginning and/or advanced studio elective(s) – 4-8 hours


Exit Assessment

Successful completion of a portfolio of work undertaken for the Art Majors Seminars or Art Internship.


Art Education P-12 Program

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in art also have the option to complete the art education P-12 program through the education program and to be eligible for teacher certification. The program requires 39 hours of coursework in education that includes a semester of student teaching. Interested students should contact the director of the education program for education program advising.