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COVID-19/Coronavirus Updates

Update: March 12, 2020, 4 p.m. CT

Dear Lindsey Wilson College Family,

I have a sacred trust to protect my faculty, staff and students to the same extent I watch over my bride, my girls and my grandchildren. It’s a heavy burden and a responsibility I accept willingly. I am a strong believer in minimizing our maximum possible risk.

As I try to discern how to protect this family from a pandemic that has caused the suspension of the NBA season, the cancellation of the AAC&U National Conference, the closing of Disneyland, the suspension of Broadway shows through April 12th, the cancellation of Coachella, the cancellation of March Madness as well as NCAA Championships in hockey, softball, baseball and lacrosse as well as the cancellation of the NAIA National Championships in basketball, it is prudent to exercise caution and to assume this virus will eventually reach each of our 17 campuses.

In an effort to exercise an abundance of caution and to reduce the probability of the spread of the virus, we will be implementing the following.

  • All of our programs and classes will be moving to an online format effective Monday, March 16th through Sunday, March 29th. The tentative plan is to return to face-to-face instruction beginning Monday, March 30th. We will continue to assess this situation.
  • Housing will continue to be available in limited circumstances for domestic and international students with no other viable option. All other students should plan on vacating the campus during this two-week window. Any exceptions will need to be approved by residence life.
  • All spring sports will be suspended during this two-week window including any sanctioned practices.
  • We understand students and faculty may need to return to campus to retrieve laptops, books, and other essentials. We would hope you will get this done no later than Tuesday, March 17th at 4:00 pm.
  • The dining hall will remain open during this two-week window with a limited menu and limited hours of operation to support social distancing. It will not be open to the public during this time.
  • The Holloway Health and Wellness Center will close on Monday, March 16th and is scheduled to reopen on Monday, March 30th.
  • Only essential staff will be on campus during this time. All others will be expected to work from home, if possible. The college will pay its people during this two-week window including students employed through the work-study program who are not able to perform their responsibilities through no fault of their own. Each vice-president will be determining essential personnel.
  • All international travel as well as unnecessary domestic travel will be suspended.

I suspect this litany of do’s and don’ts has created a significant number of questions in your mind. It’s impossible and unwise to try to anticipate each question and unique scenario in this communication.

I also understand how upsetting this is for many of you who cherish your time here and the special connections you have developed in this loving and supportive community. I get it…I really do.

It is the primary reason we moved more slowly than some of our sister institutions. The thought of not having each student, each faculty member, and each staff person here – in this living-learning environment – actively caring is devastating. The only thing more devastating is the thought of losing one of you if that loss could have been prevented.

While many of our students are in excellent health and could be walking around not even knowing they may have the virus, that doesn’t hold for some other vital members of the LWC family. Our LWC family extends beyond the students who grace our campus. It includes the ladies in the dining center serving your mashed potatoes. It includes the people in your residence halls cleaning your bathrooms and your common areas. It includes the people mowing the lawns, planting the flowers, sorting your mail, transcribing your grades, teaching your classes, and servicing your computers. Many of these people are at an age or a condition which puts them at a higher risk than many of our youthful, active and vibrant students who view this pandemic as nothing more than a common cold.

When we say LWC is family…that extends to all of us who choose to pour ourselves into this place and into our students. I would rather be criticized for loving too much than loving too little.

Thank you for your prayers and understanding during this difficult time.