Jerry Wood Joins LWC as Director of Program Development and Strategic Partnerships

Columbia, Ky. -- Jerry Wood has been named director of program development and strategic partnerships at Lindsey Wilson College.

Wood comes to LWC from King (Tenn.) College – Knoxville where he served as a faculty member, site director and most recently, as director of strategic partnerships working with educators, organizations and businesses from Southwest Virginia to Nashville.

“Dr. Wood’s background in higher education as both an administrator and faculty member is a tremendous asset to our college,” said LWC Vice President for Educational Outreach and Financial Services Denise Fudge. “He understands the importance of partnerships and has extensive experience in developing new programs.”

Wood will work with the leadership team and faculty at Lindsey Wilson College to deliver online education opportunities at various partnership sites throughout Tennessee and Virginia.

“My role has a dual purpose,” said Wood. “I will develop programs but I will also create partnerships with community colleges and other organizations to generate online students for Lindsey Wilson.”

Because of his qualifications and expertise, Wood has already been hard at work teaching seated and online classes for LWC’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

“I was immediately impressed with Lindsey Wilson’s business school and having the opportunity to teach in the MBA program provided the insight I need when working with potential partners.”

Wood said he was attracted to LWC because of the strong reputation it has developed in its 115-year history.

“LWC’s strongest trait is its brand. When I talk to others I can see the excitement on their faces when I mention LWC,” said Wood. “They also know the great reputation of the LWC School of Professional Counseling. From nursing to master’s degrees in business and education -- LWC online programs have so much potential. When I talk with others that are interested in partnering with us, they love what we are doing.”

Wood is a native of the coal mining community of War, West Virginia. He earned an undergraduate degree in business administration from Marshall (W.Va.) University, an MBA from King (Tenn.) College and a doctorate of business administration from Argosy (Calif.) University. His professional vita includes city management and a twelve year stint as mayor of his hometown in Tazewell, Virginia.

“Lindsey Wilson is focused on preparing students for the real world and provides their faculty with the resources they need to get the job completed,” said Wood. “For example, we recently developed business classes for students in LWC’s counseling program. It will help them with grant writing or if they ever want to open a private practice. That kind of meaningful preparation is standard practice at LWC.”