LWC Theater Offers a Diverse Lineup of Spring Productions

COLUMBIA, KY. - The Lindsey Wilson College spring theater season will feature an uncut production of a Shakespeare classic, a multimedia biodrama centered on the Holocaust and original work by the college’s theatre students.

The spring theatre season will open in early April and will include an evening of one-act plays, student-directed plays and an uncut production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The season will conclude in May with the the multimedia production of the biodrama And Then They Came For Me by American author James Still.

The student directed plays will be performed April 5-6. Theatre Instructor and Assistant to the Director Jeremy Cloyd says it is a culmination of an entire semester of work.

“We do it every spring for the students in the Directing II class,” said Cloyd. “The students cast it themselves, they design it with zero budget and they decide on the lighting and sound that’s the most fitting for their play. It’s a really fun two nights and it’s all just the work of the students.”  

Directed by Assistant Professor of Theatre Robert Brock, William Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth will be performed April 11-13 and April 15.

“I have directed Macbeth several times over the years but I am particularly excited about this production,” said Brock. “We will present the play in its uncut form with complete dialogue from the original script. This approach allows both students and audiences the chance to experience the play as it is meant to be.”

And Then They Came for Me will be performed May 1-4 and May 6. This multimedia production combines tapes of interviews from Anne Frank's friends who survived the Holocaust with live actors recreating the scenes from their lives.

“The play is based on a poem about the cowardice of German intellectuals during the Nazis’ rise to power,” said Cloyd. “First you experience the story of a family persecuted and sent to a concentration camp. But you also meet a young German soldier who is initially devoted to the Nazi regime but then slowly becomes overwhelmed with the propaganda and brutality.”

Cloyd says it’s going to be an “eye opening” experience.

“It’s raw and intense because of the multimedia aspect. You get to hear from the survivors as they retell their stories later in life. And then you get to see it played out on stage. It’s the true account of these people.”

LWC Theatre Program’s 2018 spring theatre season:

  • ”Student Directed Plays,” 7 p.m. CT, April 5-6
  • Macbeth: 7 p.m. CT April 11-13, 2 p.m. CT April 15
  • ”New Play Readings,”: 7 p.m. CT April 23
  • ”Acting II Showcase,”: 7 p.m. CT April 24
  • Senior Recital - Caitlin Corder: 7 p.m. CT April 27
  • And Then They Came For Me by James Still: 7 p.m. CT, May 2-4 and 2 p.m. CT, May 6.

All performances will be in V.P. Henry Auditorium, 210 Lindsey Wilson Street, Columbia, Ky. For more information about LWC's spring theatre season, contact Brock at brockr@lindsey.edu or 270-590-4803.

Contributing Author: LWC Media Studies and Communication Senior Anna Murrell