Faculty and Staff are Honored for Dedication to the College’s Mission

The Lindsey Wilson College community honored its faculty and staff Wednesday, April 18, at the college’s annual Employee Appreciation and Awards Dinner, held in Roberta D. Cranmer Dining & Conference Center. More than 30 faculty and staff members were recognized for milestone service anniversaries of five, 10, 20 or 30 years to LWC.

Assistant Housekeeping Supervisor Jon Conover, left, received an award for 30 years of service to LWC from LWC President William T. Luckey Jr.
Four LWC employees were recognized for 20 years of service. Pictured: Professor of English Tim McAlpine, left, and Scottsville Campus Enrollment Manager Dorinda Livesay  
Fourteen LWC employees were recognized for 10 years of service. Pictured from left: Associate Professor of Media Studies David Goguen, Custodian Rebecca Antle, Associate Professor of Counseling and Human Development Patrice Callery, Maintenance Worker Jackie Chapman, Evening College Director Regina Haugen and Grounds Keeper Taft Neal
Fourteen Lindsey Wilson College employees were recognized Wednesday night for five years of service. Pictured from left: Assistant Cycling Coach Andrew Parson, Alumni Director Hannah Peck, Bowling Head Coach Brandon Burns, Assistant Professor of Counseling of Counseling and Human Development Brad Grot, Vice President for Administration and Finance Mark Coleman, Director of Residence Life Jenny Overstreet and Custodian Trent Wright