Lindsey Wilson College International Student Program Seeking Host Families

Columbia, Ky. - Lindsey Wilson College International Student Programs is looking for area families to participate in LWC's International Friendship Program and serve as host families during the 2018-19 school year.  

Sabine Eastham, Director of the International Student Program, stresses the importance of giving international students the best experience possible while at LWC and how that is achieved through the host families in the friendship program.

“The students will live on campus but would like to get to know you and your families,” said Eastham. “We are always looking for new host families that would be willing to invest a little bit of their time to get to know those lovely young individuals and help give them an enriched American experience.”

Carrie Peterson of Columbia has hosted several international students from the program from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Senegal, Ireland, Botswana, Brazil and a number of other countries. She describes the experience as a “blessing” for her family.

“Being a host parent has changed the course of our family,” said Peterson. “To be able to love young people from all over the world is a blessing.  However, an even bigger blessing is to have my children look at a map, see a city in Japan, and associate it with a real person, not a stereotype. Even though we live in rural Kentucky, the world is coming to our door, giving us a comprehensive worldview without leaving our home.”

Eastham believes that providing students with a host family gives the students a better look at what American life is truly like.

“They are young, they are here in Columbia, and they are eager to learn about American life beyond the college campus.” said Eastham. “We’re excited to find people who are willing to share local and family traditions with an international student and help them understand what America is all about.”


For more information about the LWC International Student Friendship Program contact Sabine Eastham at or call  270-384-8236.